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Automatic Optical Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 02:07:21 EDT 2002 | jlipton

There seems to be a lot of information related to the benefits of using AOI, but has anyone found more balanced or opposing views? Indeed, has anyone experienced significant problems or issues with AOI machines? Is it really what it's cracked up to b

GSM Performance Simulator

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 15:36:14 EST 2003 | Jaime

The GSM simulator is good for estimating how long it will take,just to give you a ball park figure. That is my opinion. We do use GSM's, and I do use the simulator for HSP and GSM to balance the line. It's a good start point.

CAM Software

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 21 17:24:50 EST 2003 | Robert Culpepepr

Does anyone have any experience with CAM software used on Assembleon (Philips) Gem equipment? I'm looking for something that doe's it all, Imports CAD, Provides Documentation, Line Balance, Placement Optimization and (LAN) Machine Communications. An

CAM Software

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 22 12:21:33 EST 2003 | jersbo

I currently use circuitCam and it works well for ("Imports CAD, Provides Documentation, Line Balance, Placement Optimization") I dont use it for ("(LAN) Machine Communications") Philips(assembleon) has whats called PPS which you also may want to chec

Tact Time Estimates

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 08 02:23:09 EST 2003 | Frank

My two Process Engineers are at odds with each other. One says that the Tact Time is only the actual Pick-n-Place time to build a board, and the other says it needs to include the load/unload time as well as the Fiducial reading time. Example: So

Slide Line

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 17:59:44 EDT 2003 | Jim

Where can I find information on how to setup a prewave slide line and automated tools to calculate the workload balance? Regards

bulbous joint

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 08:44:05 EST 2004 | davef

Lucky guess, eh? [Sorry to blow your theory on bad parts] A 1000 of these boards on the line, ummm. Two ideas to consider: * Increase the conveyor angle [don't get carried away, just keep the angle below 8*]. * Balance the flow of solder so that th

Programming feeder Setup

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 08:46:19 EST 2004 | mmjm_1099

Has anyone else used the Multi-Job Balancer? I am considering this but of course cost is slowing down the decision making. On average we do a 30-60 feeder setup and switch out to about 4 jobs a day. So any input would be highly appreciated.

Programming feeder Setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 07:53:24 EST 2004 | mmjm_1099

I got more into the detial on this and for the Fuji Mulit-Job Balancer it is not supported for the CP43. And Rodion Pronin I will be visiting your site or contacting you this week or next hopefully.

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 07:06:36 EDT 2004 | peter016

Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply. Our boards are 4 ~ 6 ups and mostly double sided. The ratio between chips and IC/Odd shape varied from products to products. So, line balancing between chipmounter and GSM is tough to do. Some boards are mirror image to

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