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Checkpoint BOM duplication problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 30 12:10:40 EDT 2016 | slthomas

Hi All, We use Aegis Checkpoint for BOM management and CircuitCam for programming and work instructions. For reasons beyond my control, we no longer have a service contract. I'm fairly new here so as far as I know the following problem has existed

Cost Per Placement

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 22 12:00:33 EDT 2018 | slthomas

Can you describe the scenario that gives you multiple p/n's with the same specifications in the same BOM? I can understand having multiples in your inventory (primarily if you're a CMS and have multiple listings for different customers) but not per

BOM Management

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 16:39:50 EST 2019 | bruce_mackean

Hi Drew, This doesn't really address your question, however, as a CM you might want to look at BoMCompare for staying in control of BoM changes. Take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_YQbOWxKXw Cheers, Bruce

Merging BoM and XY Data

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 10 10:25:54 EDT 2019 | mikekeens

The merge software looks good but still not always getting the results i want - The following website can carry out a BOM to centroid xy placement data merge - http://www.surfacemountprocess.com/centroid-file-generation-service.html

Merging BoM and XY Data

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 11:31:02 EDT 2019 | bruce_mackean

Hi there. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. The video I posted was a very preliminary trial that I developed as an option to my BoMCompare application. BoMCompare is a tool that can compare Bills or Materials of various file formats (xlsx, csv, txt,

Drawing / BOM Revisions

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 12:57:38 EDT 2019 | aaronhodge

Hello All, I am a few months in with a new employer, spending much of my time with AS9102B First Article Inspections. This company is a Micro-Chip and PCA OEM but also designs, develops and manufactures products for a handful of customers, as well.

BOM Merging

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 17:24:07 EDT 2004 | Frank

Thanks Daan, I forgot about SMT Maestro, but it does a little more than I need. I can easily format that CAD file and the BOM file to match whatever the application requires. That's the easy part. I was looking for a simple tool that I would say

Quality control in manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 12:58:16 EDT 2011 | emeto

Hello everyone, we are contract manufacturer and I am wondering if we can save some time from inspection and verification. We will usually inspect the bare boards, then, verify program to BOM, then feeders to BOM and Feeders to program,then paste ins

Mentor BOM Explorer

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 09:16:17 EDT 2011 | mpolak

Hello, I have recently obtained a trial version of Mentor Graphics' BOM Explorer. Has anyone had any experience using it? We are currently editing our BOMs manually for P&P machines programming. After quick look and trying few options it doesn't see

Assembleon / Philips

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 21 09:02:38 EST 2016 | alexeis

Hi, We have developed solution, called QPlan, that is reading CAD (different formats), merging it with BOM (including check of BOM and compare exceptions), comparing with your history library of Assembleon/Philips, simulating SMT process with automa

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