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45 Degree Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 16:49:38 EST 1999 | C.K.

A rash of new products here at my company have designs with multi-pin connectors 90 out-of-phase (orientation)wiht respect to wave direction, which has lead to massive bridging (shorts) problems.... Does anyone still use the 45 Degree Pallet (a pal

Dummy Pads for Bridging Problems

Electronics Forum | Mon May 11 16:09:07 EDT 1998 | Todd N

We are having continuous bridging problems with the trailing leads on a 26-pin D-sub through-hole connector. The pitch is 0.100". The connector is going through the wave at approximately a 20 Degree angle. Does anyone have any board layout recommend

BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 10:26:29 EDT 2004 | mrmaint

Hello All, I am having trouble with bridges under my BGA's.I am using paste flux. The compresion on the component appears to be good but i am seeing bridges every 1 out of 5 reworked. The alignment before it starts reflowing the part is fine. Dont un

Solder bridging after printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 13:04:08 EDT 2005 | slthomas

Are you saying that increasing the frequency of cleaning to every 3 boards *reduced* bridging, or that it's just something you tried? I don't understand why that would help(in my experience it has reduced "insufficient solder" conditions but not brid

Best pratice to reduce bridging on wave

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 15:40:18 EST 2007 | pyro747

Having problem with a 2X50 SCKT Strip PTH component(fine pitch) bridging on the wave. The PCB runs in wave pallets. Just wanting to know what successful findings have been done to eliminate bridging? Pallet angles? Copper or titanium inserts? Air kni

Minimum lead pitch to avoid bridging

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 08:11:45 EDT 2007 | naynayno

This is wave soldering process and design question since most folks associated with SMT are processing mixed assemblies. We have a 3-leaded sensor (radial) with such a tight pitch always bridges. Solutions unders disussion are pre-forming and addin

Solder bridging on IC leads

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 21 15:07:34 EDT 2010 | jry74

I have a problem with solder bridging between IC leads, especially fine pitch leads. If we lessen the apature ratio and/or decrease stencil thickness, I have more of a chance for unsoldered or insufficent joints. I am looking for any information th

Ideal lenght for Selective solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 08:29:57 EDT 2013 | proceng1

When bridging becomes an issue, I like short leads. Lead Free is where I see most bridging occur. Usually when lead length starts to approach lead spacing. As long as the lead is discernible in the joint, it's acceptable. If you are having troubl

Have any paper or data talking about "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge"?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 03:43:00 EDT 2018 | cmchoue

Dear Experts, Have any paper or data talking about the design guideline for avoiding BGA solder bridge? I desire to know the rule(guideline)that compare difference stencil thickness and safe solder design distance (air gap) can avoid bridge.

Bridge on BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 16:26:21 EDT 1999 | Tony

Yesterday as I was creating a profile on a plastic BGA using Conceptronics freedom 2000 rework station, I happend to discover that I was able to remove solder bridging from a plastic BGA. This is what I did. Created a removal profile, I had a board

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