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Centroid Data (or lack of it)

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 20:47:51 EST 2010 | jlawson

Also take a look at vplan from Mentor graphics(Valor) this has very powerful CAD/CAM to centroid capability...can generate Centroid data from Gerber - creates packages , polarities and assigns Refdes with easy to use tool...

Way to port SMT program from Mydata to Panasonic?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 12:37:57 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

Panapro can be set up for the centroid data in any order. You won't be able to load the centroid data straight into the machine though. At one time I used Unicam to program a mydata. Then we got a panasonic line. The panarep said we could configure

CAD Export issue: S.O.S

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 21:29:04 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

Export The Cad data from the Pick & place it will be centroid data if you can.


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 21:23:22 EST 2006 | bobpan

Try this. http://www.scancad.com/


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 08:54:22 EST 2006 | Programmer

I usually send it to smtervice@comcast.net They do it for me about $ 25 per program

Pick & Place File Formats

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 23:16:44 EST 2009 | vinitverma

Hi, Basically the software extracts Centroid data from the Gerber automatically. We wish to export the centroid data in different pick and place machine formats so that this file can be imported in the machine directly. To be able to do so I need sa


Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 10 08:47:45 EST 2006 | davef

Centroids from the Gerber data * Graphicode GC-Place graphicode.com * Downstream Technologies CAM350 downstreamtech.com * Gerbcam Tecnomatix-Unicam unicam.com * Circuit Cam aiscorp.com * GerbTool GerbTool.com


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 21:02:31 EST 2006 | alphaman

I am with a low volume hi mix CM. We have always taught our pick & place manually on the machine. We now have a newer auto programming machine but for many reasons (not uncommon for CM's) I do not have access to the original cadd data to get the ca

Centroid Data (or lack of it)

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 13:20:26 EST 2011 | methos1979

I can second the Unisoft Pronto software. We were in the same boat where getting centroid data files to program our AOI system was killing us. The Pronto software takes gerber files and BOMs and marries them into usable centroid data files for AOI

NEW to Philips Topaz-X need help programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 19:07:17 EDT 2008 | smt_guy

Hi, here's my 2 cents sir: You need.. a) The Gerber Data and the BOM b) Extract the XY CAD from the GERBER and build what they call Centroid Data. Save this in text format. c) Use Cad2Cad to import the centroid data and save it as Philips VIOS txt

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