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Seeking very low volume production reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 15:46:49 EDT 2006 | adlsmt

Grant has a good idea, we started that way also. We made a tank out of stainless steel with copper tube coils about 18" off the bottom. Circulate cold water through the tubes to condense the vapor to keep the loss down. We used electric burners under

Wetting problem of PCB after reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 15:31:02 EDT 2001 | davef

How in earthly heaven would someone else have a report analyzing the defects on your boards? Among the good failure analysis labs that can assess situations like yours are: * Robisan Laboratory 6502 East 21 St Indianapolis, IN 46219 317-353-6249 fax

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 21:52:24 EST 2001 | arul2000

>>>>Dave, The BGA substrate surface finish is NiAu, while the PCBA pad surface is HASL. The solder ball composition is SnPb 63/37 and the solder paste used on the PCBA is also the same but with 2% Silver.>>> Dave, sorry I don't have the picture with

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 20:48:14 EST 2001 | davef

We find that the raw BGA's pad sheared surface has the SnPb solder at various Z heights whereas the assembled BGAs pad leave a smooth layer of SnPb along the pad. Like to understand the cause for the difference. Who could guess? Solder joint streng

Procedure to evaluate a reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 16:23:12 EDT 2004 | davef

Process Trials Procedures. Standard trials are often conducted on reflow ovens by production engineers during product assessment, machine approval or in process set-up. The following trials are also used by machine suppliers during equipment develop

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 21:49:05 EST 2000 | Dave F

Cheers to you Your gold plating is specified for the gold wire bonding between the die of your BGA and the pads on the BGA substrate. For solderable surfaces this is heavy on gold for use on pads. Gold SB thinner on pads to limit the amount of gol

Thermal Relief BGA footprint design - traces - reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 02 19:41:41 EDT 2008 | operator

Is there some good resources (.pdfs, websites, articles) that someone can point me to regarding design for bga footprints? I need to brush up on thermal relief design for bga footprints. I got a customer whose bga lands are masking defined on top of

Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 14:30:22 EDT 2008 | grics

Take a look at this. Remember, these are only guidlines and can not replace any paste specs. As Real Chunks said, a profiler will be of HUGE help. We use this to determine what our top side temps are and to see if we have any problems with heat sen

Looking for trays to lay boards on in reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 11 11:22:19 EDT 2019 | sumote

If the board is just not reaching the temps you need, you could place them in an oven to "preheat" them. When I was building a rather thick board with a copper core I had to do this. Since we were only doing small runs it was feasible, I don't know y

Samtec Searay 500 pin connector solder wicking issue after reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 14 19:41:32 EST 2020 | avillaro2020

Hi Evtimov, Thanks for your response. Yes, the vapour phase is suppose to handle big and heavy boards, at least thats the intention. Well our thin board is like around 3mm which is not really thin. In our application the thicker the boards means more

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