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Contract manufacturing with complete solution

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 02:17:07 EDT 2003 | jojojameson

Hi, We have a complete solutions in electronic manufacturing (SMT & Through hole).Please give your requirement to us we will give you the best offer. Regards Jojo Jameson

Cracks on ceramic capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 10:27:19 EDT 2003 | Cristiano Dick Smiderle

Hi We are experiencing serious problem with ceramic capacitors. They are with low electrical resistence and the problem is intermittent. We found some of them with micro cracks but not all. What could be the causes for this problem? We are su

Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 19 17:03:50 EST 2004 | Grant Petty

Hi, We settled on a high end DEK Horizon printer, and thanks to everyone for the info. The machine arrives on Monday, so this will be good! Regards, Grant Blackmagic Design

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 01:11:29 EST 2004 | Grant Petty

Hi, We have the spray fluxer, and I will have a look for the manifold. The guys thought they had purged the system but it's worth checking. Regards, Grant Blackmagic Design

Looking for small Dishwasher type cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 13:28:23 EDT 2004 | haviland

Silverado--Hi. We deal in used and refurbed PCB assembly equipment and can help w/ your search for acceptable cleaning equipment. Thanks, Nick Haviland.

Low cost Thermocouples

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 21:38:43 EDT 2004 | Grant

Hi, We are running a SlimKIC, and it's great, but the thermocouples are expensive, and we want to leave them on each product, and not reuse them, as it's faster to profile. Is there any third party sources of thermocouples? Regards, Grant

Low cost Thermocouples

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 05:55:07 EDT 2004 | Grant

Hi, We can get them for around $430 per pack of 9, and is that good? It seems a little high, and that's why I wondered if there were other options. Regards, Grant

IPC Standard for Acceptable and Reject Criteria

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 09:07:07 EST 2004 | dramos1

Hi, We would like to know on the IPC-A-610 rev. C standard for acceptable and reject criteria, do we have to satisfy all that are listed on the manual or either one will be OK? Thanks for all the assistance that will provided. Dennis1

Via in Pad Production

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 02:13:32 EST 2004 | Grant

Hi, We are thinking about starting to use via in Pad, for both BGA and 0402 and 0201 components. Does anyone know how this would effect production. Obviously PCB production is not difficult, but this should only effect production and assembly. R

waterwash of inductors

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 16:53:48 EST 2004 | grayman

Hi, We used to clean 20 pieces SMT inductors before but no problem with this process. Please confirm what type of inductors is it SMT or hole type. What type of chemical and machine you are currently using? Maybe I can help you out.