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Blow hole on pad after reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 00:46:28 EST 2011 | padawanlinuxero

www.flickr.com/photos/94427924@N00/5372753378 hope this is better

Unknown Logo

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 09:46:08 EDT 2012 | buckcho

This is what I found in mr google. I hope it is the right one. http://www.indiamart.com/opto-circuits/

paper vs emboss (& zig zag placement)

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 08 00:37:31 EST 2012 | ericrr

I hope this picture helps explain the text above if you got confused.

Solder Ball Composition

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 25 12:46:53 EDT 2013 | emeto

Hi, I attach two pictures for you. Hope they help

Fuji IP-2 MTU servo alarm

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 12:58:46 EDT 2013 | markhoch

The wonders of Google... Hope this helps. http://www.winsmt.com/down/001.pdf

MPM UP2000 6410 Driver Cards Failing

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 26 18:17:26 EST 2014 | rhcriad

Thanks SWAG. I will clean up all of the connectors, reseat and hope for the best!

EXM-10A driver

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 16:34:09 EST 2015 | travishemen

I cannot find the copy I had. Hopefully Tushar can get you a copy.

Hoping to find some EMS company

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 05:11:44 EDT 2016 | kapok

Can anybody recommend some reliable EMS company in Mexico?

How to repair broken pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 01:30:47 EDT 2016 | souldierann

Hi folks, I hope you can help me on how to repair broken pcb pads.

Ekra E4 stencil wipe problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 11:50:30 EDT 2016 | bobpan

hope this helps

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