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Re: Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 06:02:53 EDT 1999 | Marcus

You could check this site "http://www.jot.fi/", There you can find this labeling machine: Robotic label applicator J502-02.

Re: labeling systems

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 12 16:13:31 EDT 1998 | Tom Jura

We are looking at implimenting a bar code system for a SMT production line. To start we are looking at label printer/applicators. Are there any other companies that we should consider besides Zebra and Imtec?? Thanks for your input. John You

Automated board labeling system.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 14 10:13:46 EST 2007 | Frank

Hover Davis has two models of their label feeders. 1) Pre-printed labels 2) Print on demand.

Labels @ Reflow Pb-Free

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 01 14:44:58 EDT 2008 | grics

Our labels cannot with stand the process temps at reflow. What brand and type of labels are everyone using out there? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks GR

Labels @ Reflow Pb-Free

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 01 15:45:11 EDT 2008 | jdengler

We use a Brady label PTL-13-457 out of a TLSPClink printer on a 63/37 PCB. This label is supposed to go to Pb free temp but we have not actually tested it yet. - Jerry

Labels @ Reflow Pb-Free

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 03 08:39:10 EDT 2008 | davef

Here is an interesting article on using labels in electronic manufacture http://www.barcode-labels.com/articleelec.htm We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

Label Print Software

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 13 17:13:13 EDT 2020 | kghadiya

Hello experts, Hope you'll are doing well. I wondering if anyone know FREE label design and/or print software for which have zebra and Brady label templates?

Label Print Software

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 16 19:42:15 EDT 2020 | richardcargill

most of them seem to have gone 'subscription' now. See if you can find an older version of Zebra Designer ( 1 or 2 were free I seem to recall ). In saying that though, most label software will let you custom design templates to suit the labels you're

Re: Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 10:13:19 EDT 1999 | Bill Bannister

The Brady PAM 5000 may work for you as well. I think they have a web site. This machine is smema compatible. It's automatically places barcode labels onto pcb's within an 18"x22" area with .020" accuracy. The labels can be placed at 0 or 90 deg onto

Barcodes for PCBs - what systems?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 10:23:07 EDT 2008 | charliedci

Hi, > > we have to print a serial barcode on a low > volume PCB. For another module we just used our > laser printer and cut the labels to > size. > > However, those laser labels are easy to > rub off, and the new labels are much > smaller. >

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