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Fuji CP-6 Feeder Maintenance Programs

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 07:28:48 EST 2007 | jola

We have tested the Feeder Master and I have to say, we are not impressed at all. The main thing that we thought would be great with it was to test the feeders in full speed, but you dont get any data out from the machine so you only end up waching th

Philips/Assembleon GEM Feeders 'Sugglish'

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 16:58:40 EDT 2008 | jmelson

If these are similar to the earlier CSM feeders, there are several things to check. The cover plate that holds the tape on the sprocket can be adjusted slightly by eccentrics to accomodate thicker tapes. It the cover is too tight, there will be bin

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 12:11:54 EDT 2004 | solderpro

Bruce, regards to all who are trying to help and have great input, with those type of lead length, I would be very impressed to see you get rid of the problem, and as the others said, no clean in a foam fluxer, not good but workable.... the real issu

Re: Drying ICs any advice

Electronics Forum | Sun May 17 13:46:30 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Hi All! I've been reading this conversation which prompted me to break out the IPC-SM-786A from the IPC manuals from our parent company in Maryland sent us (we're just starting up in California). It's the Procedures for Characterizing and Handling of

Via holes and Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 21:35:16 EST 2006 | Cal Kolokoy

Samir, From experience, the only board test situation where tented via's have difficulty with contact is with a Flying Probe type tester. Otherwise, for traditional ICT, the force of the pogo pins, correct probe type, and fixture design should do th

solder fillet peeling update....

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 10:44:49 EDT 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi, Although I grit my teeth it does sound like a normal process engineer or engineering situation. Here you are with knowledge and ways to get knowledge of best practices and No One listens. ----- Now I have a cleanliness testing joke (real sto

tamper proof (but removable) labels

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 13:45:59 EST 2019 | slthomas

I'm wrestling with the infamous adjustable torque drivers on the production floor. Despite a procedure that clearly forbids it, we still have the occasional know-it-all that will just crank the knob until the desired setting is visible in the windo

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 21:52:24 EST 2001 | arul2000

>>>>Dave, The BGA substrate surface finish is NiAu, while the PCBA pad surface is HASL. The solder ball composition is SnPb 63/37 and the solder paste used on the PCBA is also the same but with 2% Silver.>>> Dave, sorry I don't have the picture with

Re: APerture size for microBGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 09:29:46 EDT 2000 | JAX

sree, You might want to check the archives. If not, I found this just a few questions below yours!! [Back to thread listing at top] Posted by Igmar on June 22, 2000 at 10:27:26 AM EST Can someone please help with the aperture size on a Micro BGA st

Re: Peelable solder stop

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 29 17:42:27 EST 1998 | Dave F

| Can anyone recommend a solder stop that can be applied by our PCB supplier. Our current material form Tamura Kaken is causing problems. | | The material should be capable of withstanding 1 Surface mount IR reflow cycle and 1 wave solder cycle. | W

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