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How to prevent COB pad free from contamination

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 08:45:02 EDT 2008 | davef

Common methods use to protect pads from solder splatter are: * No residue Kapton tape * Nonionic solder mask

Solder Splatter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 17 21:20:48 EDT 2002 | davef

Consider slowing down the rate of heating during reflow to eliminate the ejactula. Well, if you feel this is caused by your customer�s design, it is repeatable, you think it�s coming from the reflow process, and you think your reflow process is well

Solder Splatter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 05:50:29 EDT 2002 | edahi

thanks yeah we are very much looking at the reflow because the package is ceramic tough "scratch" the tape idea because the gold pad is a marking area and the surface might be contaminated and it might cause illegible marking. the slow ramp up i'll

ESD kapton tape for SMT production use

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 00:44:30 EST 2014 | leardkattiya

Hi All, I have a question to ask. Do we really need ESD kapton tape to be use inside SMT line/ production? Anyway the purpose of the kapton tape is to protect gold finger/ wirebond area from solder splatter. Please advise.

Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 05:23:37 EST 2007 | pbarton

Barry, We do not see much in the way of solder splatter or solder balling. We have removed some parts but in the process of doing so we remove any useful evidence really. Quite a lot of the solderable portion of the part is on the underside. Like

IR Rework Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 06 10:45:02 EDT 2012 | ashworth14

In relation to question 2 the vacume on them is quite sensitive so as long as you bring it down slowly the component is almost sucked up off the PCB so you don't have to actually press it down on the the component, and i have never experienced any so

Solder Splatter

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 15 22:49:23 EDT 2002 | edahi

well as usual this for flip chip however, this application uses ceramic substrates and the nearby area in which the splatter land on is the marking area (gold pad). We cannot hide this because the package is completed bare die, meaning no heatspread

Flux Splatters from Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 28 07:07:00 EDT 1998 | John Godfrey

I need to remove all flux splatters from our boards. We've adjusted the oven profiles with the production paste, but have not been able to eliminate the splatter. I've tested sample from several paste suppliers and have only been able to find 1 which

NC Flux Splattering

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 08:50:04 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Dr. Lee: We had a discussion on the forum recently and I wanted to get your input. What is the best method(s) for elimating (reducing) no-clean solder paste flux from splattering on gold interconnect fingers on a PCA?

Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 12:58:49 EST 2007 | barryg

We are seeing problems with platinum over silver plated part also. Our main problem is solder splatter under these devices, and voiding at the terminations on parts off the reels.I am curious if you have removed any of these parts and noticed any spl

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