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Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 06:44:44 EDT 1998 | PARK KYUNG SAM

Are there anyone who can give me the answer about solder ball problem? We have 12 layer PCB and double sided PCB. After one side reflow soldering We found lots of solder ball under the PCB. The solder ball was coming out from via hole. So when w

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 17:04:22 EST 2001 | williamh

Hello all, I am having a problem with solder balls on chip resistors and chip capacitors. I have searched the archives and found some information concerning solder balls but have a couple more questions. 1. What is the realistic industry standard f

Solder Ball Criteria

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 07:32:10 EDT 2009 | davef

Solder ball acceptance: IPC-A-610, & 12.4.10. Solder balls: 5 ball system: * No more than 5 balls per square inch (100mm2) allowed * Solder balls can not be greater than 5 mil (0.005in) (100um) * Solder balls cannot be less than 5 mil (100um)

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 22:00:19 EDT 2001 | davef

IPC-A-610 uses words to the effect that it�s a Class 2 process indicator, if either: * Entrapped or encapsulated solder balls that are within 0.13 mm [0.00512 in] of lands or connectors, OR * Entrapped or encapsulated solder balls exceed 0.13mm [0.00

Solder Balls-No Clean Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 05:19:31 EDT 2010 | grahamcooper22

I have seen that moisture in pcbs will cause mid chip solder balls. To discount this, take one pcb from a batch that is giving you solder balls and pass it through you reflow oven with no paste or components on (bare pcb)using your normal reflow prof

solder balls/wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 20:52:02 EST 2020 | Mike Konrad

If the world was a perfect place, I would recommend preventing solder balls in the first place. While low amounts of solder balls are common, a high volume of solder balls are problematic to a cleaning machine (batch or inline). Solder balls may beco

Solder Ball Dispersion Test (String Solder)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 03 12:59:55 EDT 2018 | donnie15

Our customer is asking for a solder ball dispersion test on our string solder for rework. The do not provide a test spec, only the attached diagram? has anyone seen this before? It looks like just pushing the solder against the iron and counting th

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 17 23:31:12 EDT 2005 | kenscj

Hi all, currently, we are seeing BGA problem like solder ball misalign, void, solder short (all under BGA, tested with 5DX), after reflow. We examine the solder ball (raw material of BGA), and see that the ball surface is not smooth, will that affe

Solder balls - Pb wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 11:34:00 EDT 2004 | Rafal M.

Hello! My problem are solder balls in normal (with Pb) wave soldering proces. Balls appears between connector pads. I tried to change fluxes and preheating in machine (and combinations of both). What else can I do? I have no wide experience in solder

ive solder profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 16:20:35 EDT 2008 | patrickbruneel

After analyzing the pictures I don't think the solder balls are caused by the solder mask. If the problem would be solder mask related the solder balls would only show up on the solder mask but there are also solder balls on the plastic tabs. To me i

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