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Pb alloy reflow temperatures and component integrity

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 14:59:55 EDT 2000 | Mike Naddra

What does the reflow profile look like , the question I had was surrounding the higher reflow temperature and the max temperature that lowest thermal mass components will see. Some other questions that I had were surrounding the components , what of

Mix Pb and Pb free alloy

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 15:59:34 EDT 2006 | JohnM

I have a product with mixed in Pb free and Pb BGAs. I decide to use SnPb paste with Pb free reflow profile to make it work for both types of BGA. Do I have a reliability solder joint issue by using this method? How is your opinion on this case? Can

Mix Pb and Pb free alloy

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 19:46:32 EDT 2006 | JohnM

So, it looks like the backward compatible of BGA statement is not guarantee for solder joint reliability. It doesn�t matter what temperature and what melting sequence we have in order to avoid the solder void issue. Is Pb diffused homogeneously thr

Mix Pb and Pb free alloy

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 16:40:40 EDT 2006 | samir

Yikes! Sounds like a hairy situation there. I've successfully collapsed a Pb-Free BGA (using a Sn/Pb solder paste), with a peak temperature of 220 Deg. C and Time Above SAC's Eutetic point (217) of 17 seconds. Beware of overcooking your smaller ma

Lead-free solder alloy Sn/ag/bi, developed by Sandia National Labs.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 11 01:54:55 EST 1999 | Marcus Reichenberger

Hello everyone, at the Institute for Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems of the University of Erlangen (Germany) one focus of our research activities is the use of lead-free solder alloys for electronics production. In different publicat

solder paste alloy effect on high frequency board

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 04 05:11:14 EST 2007 | omidjuve

can you send me the articles about the high frequency boards issues with different types of solder paste alloy because i can`t find any free document about this article

Link to Database of ALL SAC alloy properties

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 03:24:37 EDT 2006 | slaine

Hi below is a link to a database set up that list the properties of all SAC alloys, worth reading. http://www.europeanleadfree.net/POOLED/DOCUMENTS/a178886/ELFNET_COST531_Solder_Alloy_Properties_Database_v1.pdf its from http://www.europeanleadfree.

Differences between solder paste alloy SAC305 and SAC405.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 08:08:12 EDT 2021 | SN

Hi. Anyone in this forum experienced the lead-free solder paste SAC305 and SAC405? What are the differences to expect for solder paste with SAC305 and SAC405? What is the effect of silver (Ag) alloy in solder paste? It was really appreciated if could

solder paste alloy effect on high frequency board

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 12:20:44 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Does it fail to function or does it function outside of acceptable tolerances? If the latter I wouldn't know what to think, but if the former I would feel obligated to suspect solder quality or maybe even a component problem with the elevated lead-

solder paste alloy effect on high frequency board

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 14:44:46 EDT 2007 | bbarton

Lots of papers out there on HiFreq circuits and the effects of solder paste residue. Google Dr. Karen Tellefsen. Simple test...take a "failed" board, remove the residues, test again. Has the problem gone away?

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