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PCBA IC Component rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 13:46:10 EDT 2004 | HOSS

Nick's point is well taken and quite true but finding reflow specs in an IC mfgr's datasheet is not very common. You may need to call the mfgr's tech support group.

Out of Industry

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 14:28:26 EDT 2004 | caldon

Hello all- Just an FYI... I have taken a position causing me to leave the SMT/Electronics Manufacturing Industry. I will still be in Technology but geared more towards the service industry. Thanks for everyones help and enjoy... Cal cal_Driscoll@ho

Board re-work

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 13:38:40 EST 2005 | dorklover664

I go with hot air. If that isn't possiable than I would say run a test. Reflow one board and see what happens. If it gose bad all the through-hole might have to be taken out. Let us know how it gose. Megan

SMT Production

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 10:21:37 EST 2005 | bandjwet

Has anyone taken any classes in SMT assembly that can highly recommend? We are looking for a class to send an engineer where there would be hands-on time on a printer, pick and place, oven profiling etc,,,, BWET

JOT conveyor, looking for manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 06:10:12 EDT 2005 | dj_jago

JOT were taken over by Elektrobit a couple of years ago. Try contacting them for the information. Do a web search for 'Elektrobit' for contact details.

Damage Component

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 23 11:41:27 EDT 2005 | Dhanish

Biggest SMT issue we encounter in our production floor is Damaged Component,we have implemented a lot of action items but the reject is not declining.Can anyone suggest any special action taken to resolve this problem at your facility.

Dewetting on QFP

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 08:57:14 EDT 2005 | ktron

Hi there, I have questions regarding on dewetting issue.. Q1) How to identify on good or bad ICs lead that could contribute to dewetting? Q2) What actions that must be taken in facing this issue? Thank n regards,

Plating Integrity

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 22:03:39 EDT 2005 | davef

Doug: While your points are well taken, we've never heard of "bright tin" immersion plating. Electroplating is our bet.

Baking prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 14:16:56 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

Tell them every action taken with the boards carries risk of damage. Process steps that don't do anything should be avoided because they carry the risk of causing defects. Even inspection causes the occasional defect, and board handling in general s

Vision card for Camalot / Gemini

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 07:02:05 EDT 2005 | mikesn

Anyone knows of a repairer out there who can repair a cognex 5000 series vision card? This card is taken out of a Camelot/Gemini II. Thanks Mike.

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