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Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 26 13:27:09 EDT 2008 | chrisgriffin

Try e-bay.

Vios password

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 10 07:33:44 EDT 2008 | benefon

try 'specialist'

Recommendations for AXI

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 04 18:26:08 EDT 2011 | frcdave

Yestech and TRI

Reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 14:55:25 EST 2013 | frecklesslatr

try some oil

Wave Solder issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 19:11:44 EDT 2014 | caurbach

We have a 6622CC machine for SnPb boards. A few things you may want to try: - Solderability testing on the components/PCB. - If the fuse holders or copper in the board are sucking up all the heat, try increasing preheat. Some fluxes (like the WS f

TOMBSTONE defect Redution suggestion.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 08 15:12:56 EDT 2020 | cyber_wolf

I concur with Spoilt on all accounts. If the tombstones are isolated to the same P/N this is an indicator that your process is probably not to blame. At this point you have to try and mitigate the issue. Things to try [if possible] : 1. Try a soa

Re: BGA standards

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 22:06:59 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Billy: I agree with Khalid, but you should not despair. We will try try to help you, if you give us information about your problem.

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 13:44:29 EST 2000 | Russ

Mark, Try contacting Electrovert/speedline. I believe that they are marketing one. I don't know if this is the right guy to call but give it a try. Bob Galvin - Regional Service manager Western region 408-727-4650 Russ

Solder Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 10:44:59 EST 2001 | davef

E-mail Dennis Fritz [DDFRITZ@AOL.COM] He works at MacDermid, Inc. Tell him what you know, what you're trying to figure-out, and I'm sure he'd try to help you.


Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 09:20:50 EDT 2001 | Steve Zanola

We have seen the same thing. Our vendor recently change the way the BGA is fabricated and the new package warps. We are currently trying to adjust our process paramentes to fix this problem. I will try the "bake out" suggestion and see if it cor

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