Used SMT Equipment: vitronics xpm 820a

Vitronics XPM 1030, XPM2 1030

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Vitronics  Reflow   XPM 1030 x 3 XPM2 1030 x 3

CS Technology

Vitronics XPM Series Reflow

Used SMT Equipment | SMT Equipment

1. Left-to-right PCB conveyance 2. Machine vintage no earlier than 2005 3. Manufacturer - Vitronics XPM, XPM2, XPM2+ or XPM3 series Please provide availability, pricing, pictures, and any relevant information or specifications.

MEC Midwest

Vitronics XPM 1030

Vitronics XPM 1030

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XPM 1030  Air oven .  10zones .L -R  front fix.

MePow Technology Company Ltd

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Dual Lane Reflow Oven

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11
Non-heated dispensing system

High Precision Fluid Dispensers
pcb assembly supplies

High Throughput Reflow Oven