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Six Sigma/Velocity/FTP

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 14:25:07 EST 1999 | Mark Milward

Is anyone out there familar with the Quality system six sigma, velocity and first time pass(FTP). I'm aware of six sigma programs in SMT/PWA operations, but not the concepts surrounding velocity and FTP. I would appreciate someone pointing me in the

Registration Beta Period Is Over

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 16 10:14:04 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Hello All, We have passed the beta stage of SMTnet Registration. We thank all of you who have helped us isolate the bugs. We expect there to be the occasional problem, or bug, as with any software product, but they are most likely few and far betwee

Re: Shorts on BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 04:18:53 EDT 1999 | forrest xie

we encounter BGA soldering issue. there is always some dry joint or unclear defects after reflow and the board can't pass electrical test, but if we resoldering it through hot air gun, every thing is ok. we use the "dog bone" surface pad ,that

Soldering Researcg Question

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 13:00:02 EST 1999 | Jon Goff

Hello, I'm doing some research for a project of mine. I figured that since you sold things related to soldering, you might know. I am wondering if there are any companies that you know of that do manual soldering while standing. Tha

OA core solder stranded wires

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 15:07:27 EST 1999 | Tracy Hille

I am looking for information regarding post wave soldering of stranded wires into a circuit board using OA core wire solder. We do a final pass thru the cleaner after the hand soldering but I'm concerned about any OA flux residue that may have wicke

Re: QFP On both side of a board

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 16 10:21:44 EST 1998 | HallJ

Has any body tried reflowing QFP's on both sides of a board. This has been done for a long time. The only thing I have seen that could start to cause problems is when you get up to the PQFP208 's that are weighing 10g or more. For this You can p

Wavesolder solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 30 08:22:57 EST 1998 | Michael Nguyen

I finally got my problem figured out on the bridging, the only thing I'm finding is that I notice some litlte solder balls on the bottom of the board. Is that normal? Is that why I'm getting bridges? Has anyone came across this problem and pass the i

reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 14:33:50 EDT 2001 | Tony

I like to secure the thermalcouples with a small dot of chip-bonder(surface mount adhesive). The chip-bonder will cure durring the first pass through the oven. After I have developed my profile I remove thermalcouples and the chip-bonder with a solde

Universal 4712B info needed

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 15:09:50 EST 2001 | pjc

No, it makes no sense at all. This is a very old and long obsoleted machine and a very poor design to boot. I know first hand because I worked on them many moons ago. The Onserter was designed as a "pass-thru" machine. Software and manuals will be h

Second Pass In Wavesolder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 10:43:48 EST 2002 | davef

Just thought of something. Sorry to be late with this. If you decide to dewarp these boards, consider: * Marking the boards perminantly with a code to help key your failure analysis people that a customer return was processed differently than other

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