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Re: Solder paste stencil modification

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 19 12:55:26 EST 1999 | Mike Vina

Bernie, Steve Gregory approach is the simplest solution. But,If you ever get yourself into a real bind and need an array of holes added and the cost of a new stencil is astronomical. Approach Hamlet at BeamOn. I have seen him add and enlarge holes

Blocking stencil apertures (on purpose)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 13:56:45 EDT 2003 | kmorris

Dave: After the stencil was made with apertures for a connector on this PCB, it was discovered that the connector would have to be handsoldered after SMT reflow. If the solder deposits are left to reflow on the pads, it makes it difficult for the o

Re: stencil cleaning 'technology' ..

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 12:43:04 EDT 2000 | genglish

Recently I completed a process evaluation on various stencil / misprinted PCB cleaning systems. They were both ultrasonic (theoretically can damage PCB�s) and the more conventional method of high pressure rotary bar method. I found that the best sys

Re: Mechanical stencil foil tensioning

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 24 14:26:24 EST 1999 | Dave F

Has anyone used the mechanical stencil foil tensioning system from certain company that eliminates using stencil frames and epoxy & mesh? Any comments on whether it's worth looking into? We go through product revisions like we go through clean so

Re: SPC on stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 12 17:56:18 EST 1999 | Jason Hall

For process management with SPC of the stencil printing process with a fully automatic stencil printer, what process outpur parameter would you recommend for SPC? It appears to me that there are two options: A: to have a pn chart based upon

Blocking stencil apertures (on purpose)

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 21:18:55 EDT 2003 | davef

Morris Why do want to do this [keep solder from pads]?

Blocking stencil apertures (on purpose)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 09:19:59 EDT 2003 | davef

ehess Why do YOU want to block apertures to keep solder from pads?

Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid

Electronics Forum | Tue May 20 12:20:58 EDT 2003 | billschreiber

Hello Mike, We have just sent out the press releases. 440-R SMT Detergent, the only chemistry to complete the EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program, as part of the Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Process, is now available for use i

Used automatic stencil print recommendations

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 09:30:21 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

MPM SPM's will print .5mm all day long.

Used automatic stencil print recommendations

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 09:41:51 EDT 2008 | davef

We agree with Se�or Tech

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