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ESD question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 12:18:42 EDT 2005 | rlackey

Don't worry, your pretty safe now - we have a thing called VAT (a 17.5% purchase tax - ironically named Value Added Tax!) that funds the European Union to the tune of $Billions. They are usually too busy spending this on monumental lunch breaks in

Lead presence testing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 19:29:21 EDT 2005 | Jason Fullerton

Per Bob Willis, the UK based guru of all things lead-free: "The only thing those swabs do effectively is lighten your wallet." Really, they don't work reliably at all. You are better off trying to do it by visual inspection. I've tried out an XRF

SMT Component placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 11:17:27 EDT 2005 | Stefan

Tape feeders usually have a fixed pick position regardless of the package size. Is the component body off center in the tape pocket? I hope you can enter an offset in the feeder set up file. Also, perforation holes can deform, if the reel is too hea

limitation's of the QSA 30 machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 12:50:34 EST 2005 | derengmao

I do have all tools for calibrate. The 4" plate is looked like for down-look camera. The big nozzle is for up-look camera. I did all the procedure in the handbook from Traning Center System from Quad. The up-look camera does see the nozzle, and passe

SMD weights

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 16:20:48 EST 2005 | jsloot

Does anyone have a list of SMT components with their weights? For instance, a PLCC64 pin = X grams. I am not even sure if such information is really valid but it would be interesting to know when developing a reflow profile for convection ovens on a

Encapsulating water soluble flux residue?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 11:21:18 EST 2005 | patrickbruneel

Steve, Water-soluble fluxes are per definition very corrosive and need to be cleaned (read the data sheet) Encapsulation will prevent humidity reaching the water-soluble acids but will not prevent reducing the metals the flux is in contact with to m

Wet or Dry Wipe

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 09 07:50:53 EST 2006 | slthomas

When I had that luxury I always used a double pass, first wet then dry, to reduce the amount of wet solvent left on the stencil. That also gives it some time to evaporate. If you've got suction I don't know how you'd ever get any through the aperture

Solder Analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 11 10:50:09 EST 2006 | beta

All, Current supplier of Solder bar charges for Pot Analysis to be carried out. �60 a go. They say that they get charged so they pass it on, With the imminent change over to leadfree this rule still applies. Anyone know of a Lab etc. in Ireland th


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 08:59:54 EST 2006 | davef

Amol Kane You say, "Also, we pass the LF baords thru the same inline wash as you dont wash away the solder (you wash away the flux)." How did you sort through the concern that leaded solder balls [running around in the wash tank from a previous was

QSA30V up-look vision problem, need help.

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 12:02:23 EST 2006 | derengmao

I have a QSA30V, but the up-look vision camara could not identify parts, although calibration PASS and parts show on the screen are OK. I have never see a working up-look camera for QSA30V. Could you help me to to fix, or is it workable?

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