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Fine pitch wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 15 12:30:05 EDT 2006 | Steve

If the package is robust enough to handle surface mount followed by a pass through the wave soldering process, we have had excellent results populating the fine pitch parts with the P&P machine, reflow, then mask the solder joints prior to wave solde

Quad 3c/4c Laser Align Settings

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 22:55:21 EDT 2006 | darby

Hi Larry, me again. Painting the tip should do diddly because you are using laser. Your cap is probably passing because it's thicker and is just inside the range of the system set-up. Check and calibrate your nozzle alignment height settings. Input t

Bga failure

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 26 16:44:18 EDT 2006 | df

All, We have a board that has failed at burn in. There is a 672 BGA on the board. When the test guy presses down on the BGA the board will pass ! What am I looking at here? Board finish is ENIG - could this be black pad / what should I do to diagn

Bga failure

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 02 19:04:53 EDT 2006 | DC

We had a issue on the SBGA and found stress built up at the corner of the SBGA after cool down to room temperature. It is confirmed by the warpage analysis. I expected that the stress caused by the heat spreader and the epoxy to the copper frame. O

Always a new treat with new clients

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 16:40:28 EDT 2006 | slthomas

It's a consignment kit and we already have the parts. Otherwise I'd tell them to panelize the thing and we could build all 30 in one pass. I may be able find a 25 mil QFP on a stencil and hand print that one part if the apertures are long enough. D

RoHS Board Delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 18:31:13 EDT 2007 | SWAG

I hate to drag this one out again but we are done with this. We tried an oven profile on the bare panels that was quite different from our original. This profile was recommended by the mfg. of the laminate. We experienced random delamination. Som

First Pass Yields

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 14:55:27 EST 2006 | CK the Flip

Typical of QE types. They don't know the entire process of qualifying what makes a "good" board (besides FPY), so they just arbitrarily come up with 95% FPY as a benchmark. Russ made a great point that alot of yield issues are design-related. Typi

Ionic Cleanliness-No clean residues

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 11:06:06 EST 2006 | Gman

Hello All, Is Ionic Cleanliness testing using say an Ionograph on No-clean assemblies a valid test? If not, why? I understand factors like PCB cleanliness but is the 1.56ug/in2 IPC criteria valid for no-clean assemblies and can an Ionograph be used

Board Baking recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 21:01:57 EST 2007 | davef

Yes. Heat reduces OSP solderability protection thickness. For instance, many OSP are shot at the end of the first reflow pass and the exposed copper is free to oxidize. If you're speedy, you can pull-off the second reflow cycle before the copper g

BGA opens

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 15:05:32 EST 2007 | realchunks

Wow, what a bunch of crabby old men. BGA opens can occur from pre,during or post process. I never chimmed in cause the original poster said they would performa a dye test. Yet as usual, they never get back to this forum on what the cause was. So

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