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Auto stencil printer or AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 15:33:36 EDT 2012 | markhoch

I personally believe that you money is best spent on improving your process. An automated printer will help make your process more repeatable, thus easier to control. An AOI will not improve your quality, it will only make your defects easier to dete

Auto stencil printer or AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 09:23:04 EDT 2012 | jeremymek

In my experience Both Dek and speeline machines are good used. personally I think speedline seem to hold up better when PMs have been ignored though. Also make sure you can get a third party board support system into it like a gridlock or Vacunest

Help with odd smt stencil

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 11:55:42 EST 2014 | spoiltforchoice

I think there are several answers: 1)Design Fail - slap whoever created it 2)Fit that connector as a manual process after the PCB is finished. 3)Print side 2 using a jet printer 4) Shield the fragile LGA and reflow it twice anyway. 5)Use a thicker PC

Re: Mechanical stencil foil tensioning

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 25 04:24:15 EST 1999 | Charles Stringer

Has anyone used the mechanical stencil foil tensioning system from certain company that eliminates using stencil frames and epoxy & mesh? Any comments on whether it's worth looking into? We go through product revisions like we go through clean

Blood letting on stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 13 09:08:54 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

We suffered our first blood letting because of razor sharp edge clamps (DEK 265LT) and operator giving it the finger. While positioning magnetic tooling pins, one of our best slipped and really sliced off a part of his main digit. This will impact hi

Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 10:01:36 EDT 2003 | caldon

Zestron Has PDF down loads available on the Product listed above. Also, Contact Jeff Stong or Guy Ramsey at ACI for a neutral opinion on these product. I know for a fact ACI has test each product and has recomendations. Sorry i can not provide deta

Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 20:09:32 EDT 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi President-MikeK and Carl, Well I just stopped by for awhile, and this was the first topic I read. Hey I am doing ESD research right now and I needed a break. Mike I have to agree more with Carl than you. Give your Data, without marketing hyper

Auto stencil printer or AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 15:12:00 EDT 2012 | bwjm

Hi Guys, I need some help. I was running prototyping volume previous and my SMT line uses manual printing. Business has picked up and i started to get higher volume 300 to 500 pcs each model. I am running a small firm and have only a small sum of cas

Auto stencil printer or AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue May 15 13:08:53 EDT 2012 | deanm

Dittos from A Very Frazzled Man. Money spent on a better process is almost always more advantageous than better inspection. As for manual TH insertion, have you considered a semi-automatic machine like the Contact Systems CS-400? While the "E" serie

Help with odd smt stencil

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 10:44:03 EST 2014 | kkay

We have a smt connector on side one of our pcb that overhangs through the board to the second side. We can't figure out how to print the second side with this part sticking out. Unfortunately we cannot run the second side first due to an LGA that has

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