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via in smt pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 17:12:17 EST 2004 | ben

I have recently encountered a new pcb design with a very high density of components on either side of the pcb. One of the suggested "fixes" is to use the smt pads as vias i.e. the via will be drilled thorough the centre of the smt pad. My concern i

Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 14:14:59 EDT 2004 | russ

I have actually printed this same condition with type 3 paste Alpha WS709. I posted this for discussion and cannot remember what I called it. We did need to clean the stencil after every three prints. I did not check volume on these locations but

Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 17:35:17 EDT 2004 | Shinmoto

Hi there, We place FBGA packages on a lot of our memory modules. Our stencils have .013" square apertures and a .005" foil thickness. We are using a type 4 paste from Senju Comtek. The price difference is not that significant and readily available

screen printer comparision

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 15:25:01 EDT 2004 | ianlg

Hi Debi You might like to also include the R29-V which is a step up from both the Dek 248 and Microflex but at a similar price. 29" frame size ( multi-purpose adp available ) Bespoke software windows based, Incredibly easy to operate. Similar toolin

screen printer - vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 08:15:37 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM uses a one-print-Mylar system, as do other printer mfrs. In this system there is a Mylar sheet attached to a frame that is secured over the printer table with the board on it. You print onto the Mylar. The table X-Y-theta manual adjustments are u

Board Support for Double-Sided PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 09:43:22 EDT 2004 | Rob

When it comes to double-sided boards, how does one support a board so that those supports don't hit any components on the side already run but yet keep the board firm and rigid? Is it more of an engineering design to layout the board in such a way th

Dispensing Paste for 0201-0402 uBGA devices?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 12:02:59 EDT 2004 | russ

I have never done these components before, but if you have performed capability studies on your dispense equipment you should be able to tell if this is feasable. I can tell you that 0402 and 0201 especially 0201 requires great accuracy and volume.

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 25 09:19:12 EDT 2004 | tjensen

60-70% RH will be a challenge if you are running a water wash solder paste (and could be the reason you are seeing the problems). If you are running a no-clean, humidity should not be an issue. As long as the profile looks OK, I don't think the con


Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 26 10:27:17 EDT 2004 | mskler

Hi all, We are facing prob. in MPEG card. WE are using 6 mil stencil with steel squeezee. There are two 20 mil Ic�s. Once we set profile according to the profile given by the supplier after that we made 2000 nos of boards & in first shot almost b

Stencil / Pad design

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 10:17:44 EDT 2004 | davef

People like flat surfaces for placing and reflowing certain components, like fine pitch devices. Some board suppliers can supply HASL that is flat and well controlled from an amount of material stand-point. Unlike OSP, HASL has a wonderful shelf-li

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