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Solder paste thickness measurement with laser machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 09:59:09 EST 2006 | SIR

We have an AUREL CS1222 machine to measure the thickness of the solder paste deposited on a bare board by a stencil printer. This device has a laser beam that has to be put on the pad where you want to measure the solder paste thickness. The measure

Pb free validation

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 11:40:45 EST 2006 | billyd

My company is looking to run some small validation cards to verify our Pb free process for potential customers. Basocally, we'd like to print a small card, place some components, say 0402 to a small BGA, maybe some thru-hole stuff, and reflow it. So

Squeegee angles

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 09:54:34 EST 2006 | slthomas

"45* is a common angle of attack. Squeegee blades are commonly manufactured at 60*. The combination of the angle of attack and the blade angle results in an actual printing angle between the two due to down pressure and flex of the blade." Ahhhh, so

Fighting solder beads

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 21:03:55 EST 2006 | davef

1 Chatter about mask opening � No BIG problems with these statements. It�s just that you may need to tailor your reflow recipe to minimize these escapees. 2 Stencil design - Any area ratio below 0.66 is going to very challenging to print, as you ca

Screen Printing

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 13:32:53 EDT 2006 | marvindamaniac

We are using a Metal Screen. We used a metal screen in the past and found that stencil life wasn't a problem. We are a Low Volume, High mix spot where the average lot size is no more than 100 pcbs and as low as 5 pcbs. I am concerned with wiping i

Solder joint issue

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 11:00:51 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Thanks Doctor - as always, you're right. I must've been typing with my mittens on. It's starting to get cold on this part of the planet these days. I wasn't blaming anyone, just trying to take a few questions marks away so "we're" left with the an

fine pitch printing

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 10:20:55 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Russ asks good questions and I think Chunks pretty much nailed it. Aspect ratio (aperture width/stencil thickness) s/b 1.2 minimum (I like 1.5 if I can get it). If your aperture width = lead width (.008"), yours is 1. Tough to get consistent paste r

Poor soldering on fine pitch?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 09 15:41:59 EDT 2006 | shawnvike

That is the problem I am having! Except with 3 separate manufacturers. To answer some of the other questions... Baking - diligence Stencil - as far as we can tell it is good Placement is good We are using Pb-free parts and solder, but I have see

can i use fcp6 machine for glue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 05:48:20 EDT 2006 | greg_diaz

Your concern should be do you have a glue process that can keep up with the FCP6. We ran a GL541 in line with a CP643 which the glue machine was actually a bottle neck because if you run SOIC's which require more glue dots then it will slowdown the

time/pressure dispensing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 01:19:19 EDT 2006 | Ola

Yes, leadfree paste is dispensable, but there is a completely diffrent paste than one will use at the stencil printer in the line. This is a very tricky one to deal with. We use xxx lf-free paste in the line, but that paste will Not at all work at th

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