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Ekra Stencil Printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 10:13:41 EDT 2006 | wrongway

Hello Rush fan we have a Ekra E5 had it about a year the only thing I dont like is the foil on top of the doard holders you can take them off but if your board is warped then it dosnt clamp the board and it will fail the vision but we hav

SAC305 Solder Balling

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 12:08:35 EDT 2006 | cuculi54986@yahoo.com

I agree with using the homeplate design on chips. Some Pb-free solder paste manufacturers recommend 1:1 apertures. This, in my experience, is not a good idea with any of the SAC305 pastes I've tried. I've been using the same stencil design guideli

Solder Ball After Reflow Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 13:29:51 EDT 2006 | SWAG

Is 811 lead paste? If so, it seems to me that your oven settings are getting into soak awful fast in zone 2 and your peak is way high. Unless you are doing a thick board or something like that, those oven settings seem aggressive and might result i

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 09:04:24 EDT 2006 | Cmiller

I believe that the reason Dover did not sell Dek is not so much based on its actual profitability but because the profits it does make are stable. I think Dek makes about 60% or its revenue on stencils and other consumables that are still in demand r

IPC Questions........

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 10:57:24 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Is it possible that he was testing you to see if you knew whether or not 610 addressed environmental specs? I had a consultant that was touring our plant ask me what aspect ratio we used on our stencils. I told him I like to keep it at 1.5 if I can.

How do you clean OSP PCB's without washing it off?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 14:18:13 EDT 2006 | Kevin W. Parker

We have begun using a PCB with Organic Surface Protectant. We normally run boards with non orgainic protectant. We can wash these boards with our ultrasonic cleaner using Zestron SC202 and a separate Hot/cold rinse system with an air knife. This r

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 13:21:26 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

Dax, Just an FYI....we have had AP25's for years. I have never had to calibrate them. Also, I am not a MPM service guy but I would have to say that if your standard deviation numbers are coming up less than .001" you are doing ok there. Sounds to m

Midchip solderballs (MCSB) on pb-free

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 13:15:19 EDT 2006 | jaimebc

We are currently experiencing some MCSB's on 0603 components. I am looking into experimenting with the stencil thickness from 6 mil to 5 mil and also using Radiused inverted homeplate ( 20%60%20)to eliminate or reduced this problem. We are using lea

SMT Adhesive

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 27 12:46:42 EDT 2006 | John S.

Steve, We use the 955 version for printing with the DEK Pump Print process on two lines in high volume. We clean the stencils in an ultrasonic bath with Hydrex A+ I think diluted in deionized water at the end of 2nd shift. By startup, they are dry

Always a new treat with new clients

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 14:14:06 EDT 2006 | slthomas

What is the likelihood that we'll be able to manually dispense paste on 25 mil pitch, 20 mil pads and get away without bridges? We have a CTS Series 753 resnet we need to place and the build qty (30) and board layout (.5" x 1.2" unpanelized, 2-sided)

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