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Andon BGA Socket Soldering Problem - Ball Collapse

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 11:27:41 EDT 1999 | Michael Zadrejko

I am trying to solder a 388 ball BGA to an Andon Electronics Corp. BGA socket adapter and I am having problems in the reflow of this part. I put no clean paste flux in the solder cups of the adapter then put the BGA part onto the adapter and run it t

Solder Bursting

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 16:38:47 EST 2004 | agp

Dean,Chris,Steven, Thanks for all your inputs. I have met with our smt staff and scheduled an evaluation by early next week based on your suggestions. I'll be happy to relay positive feedback afterwards. To be more detailed, here are our set-ups as

Soldering Iron Questions

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 05 23:01:53 EST 2006 | Sxsxcx

ok, sorry ,750 was deg F and which I said 350~400 were deg C, I got a mistake. As I know, we use 660~720 deg F to do reworking for lead free solders such as SAC series and SnCu0.7 series solder to protect irons and components on boards. when temp.

Re: popcorning in wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 10:17:41 EDT 2000 | Mikael Keranen

As longs as the internal temperature in component dont reach 150Deg c, it should be fine

Wave soldering preheat temperature

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 14 00:04:21 EDT 2001 | zam_bri

I'm not a Wave soldering guy and my friend have asked me a question on what is the best preheat time and temperature for Wave soldering.They experiences only 10% flow up thru the PTH barrel. I've asked them to increase the temperatue to 120 Deg C. Cu

Pallet absorb thermal heat : compensate by higher deg-C?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 10 21:18:06 EDT 2001 | ianchan

Hi Guys, Thanks for the tips, will try it on next run. Regards, ianchan :)

no contact on BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 12:24:24 EDT 2001 | nifhail

Thanx for the reply Dave. We actually had a few thermocouples attached from underneath to see if there is any delta in temperature within the same BGA's ball. They looks OK, with the slope of 1 -2 Deg C,soak at 120 Deg C - 150 Deg C at about 90 sec,

Lead-free solder

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 15:32:27 EDT 2004 | russ

Where does the 260 Deg. C spec. come from that you mention?

Temperature variation Heller 1707 EXL

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 06:23:51 EDT 2013 | mccabekev

We are running a Heller 1707 EXL reflow oven, but we have a temperature variation across the board. When the oven first comes up to temperature, the centre of the board is 10degC hotter than the inside rail which is a further 10degC hotter than the

seperation of soldermask and pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 10:31:05 EDT 2014 | sara_pcb

The boards are baked for 2 hours at 120 deg C Regards, R.Saravanan

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