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Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 12:09:12 EST 2006 | jrr3434

I have a board with 0603 parts with .2mm spacing between the parts and in some areas smaller. Can any one help me on what size stencil thickness I need. Any help would be appreciated. Jay

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 13:29:30 EST 2006 | russ

6 mils maybe? instead of 6mm? We go down to 5 mils and up to 7 with 0603. You could even use a 4mil stencil for these without any problems. The .2mm (.0078")apart however might get you in trouble unless your equipment is rock solid.

Stencil thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 04:18:42 EST 2006 | pedestrian

0.2mm gap between parts is small and easy to solder short. I prefer 5mils or 4mils.

QP341E Trouble

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 03:39:21 EDT 2007 | fujillews

Can you confirm, if the part is picked in centre it is rejected? if you put a 2mm offset in pickup VP works correctly?

QP341E Trouble

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 07:53:26 EDT 2007 | mmjm_1099

I got more detailed into this. It seems the operators only need to do a pick offset of 2mm on the stick feeders.

Philips Topaz badmark recognition questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 10:59:43 EST 2007 | jseagle

We have a small 2mm square solid white box silkscreened on each board for badmark recognition. You may be able to do the reverse of putting something like "white out" in a specific area to act as a badmark.

SMT package to feeder size chart

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 18:39:41 EDT 2008 | kiter

Was wondering if anyone has a general chart matching SMT package size with tape feeder size. E.g 0602: 8mm Tape 2mm pitch. Cheers.

Recommendations on Solder Scavenging Systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 14:45:28 EDT 2009 | bandjwet

Does anyone have any experience in using solder scavenging systems? We have very tight land areas for RF shields (nearest component can be 2mm away in some cases). We are aware that both SRT and AIRVAC have such systems. Thanks! BWET

ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 18:51:08 EST 2013 | tombstonesmt

We use a 2mm with our Pillarhouse Jade Mark II. We found that reducing the nitrogen enough that the area around the nozzle stays hot enough not to "freeze".

Juki 740

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 16:04:48 EDT 2018 | gpascolla

We have an old juki 740 which was purchased off of eBay at this time I am having placement problems with accuracy. I have taught to the board with the camera numerous times but I still have placement problems where the chip will be off the pad by alm

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