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Looking for table top wave soldering machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 11:34:44 EDT 2006 | flipit

Could you get by using a Wenesco or Air Vac PCBRM10 wave pot instead of an entire wave soldering machine?


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 13:24:58 EDT 2007 | adrian_nishimoto

My four favorite machines in order: 1) Metcal 3591 2) PDR IR-3200 3) PMT B-series 4) Air-Vac DRS 22c We have and use all of these.


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 14:50:49 EDT 2007 | GS

Brand: Air-VAC (US) ZEVAC (if outside US) - Onix 24 - Onix 29 the high capability and capacity Best Regards....GS

Air-Vac DRS24-25

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 11:18:46 EDT 2007 | rmitchell

Hi, Anyone have the DRS25 rework machine and use it for lead free BGA's? Anyone upgraded their DRS24 to a DRS25? We may pay to upgrade our 24 to a 25 to improve our Lead Free BGA rework process. Thanks, Rob

Land Grid Array (LGA) Rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 09 14:49:13 EDT 2008 | ksrsr

We get our component stencil for this type of rework from Mini-Micro Stencils. We use a Air-Vac rework station and we have no issues at all.

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 11:22:44 EDT 2009 | pcbrown

There are several out there. We will be doing some proprietary BGA installation in-house and I need a rework station. Has anyone had any experience with Focal Spot RD-500? Air-Vac DRS25? Or is there a better system out there for occasional to light u

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 08:25:53 EDT 2012 | almoore

I don't have a placement machine available that will do the job reliably. An Air Vac DRS25 would work well if I had one but I can't afford it. A simple change to the part and cell would allow anyone to rework these parts without expensive equipment

BGA paste dispensing?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 07 16:37:47 EDT 2012 | burb1999

Ive used the Camalot long time ago to dispense paste on BGA pads after removal then reflow with a machine such as the AirVac. What is the best way to do BGA repair on pads? Ive read alot just reball the bga then put it back on? Todd

AIR VAC DRS24C facility power

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 21:46:53 EST 2015 | billnav

Does the DRS-24 rework station take single or three phase 208/240? Thanks in advance.

Re: opinion of these rework stations

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 12:51:55 EDT 1999 | Bob Barr

Never heard of the DRS-22C. I have had a DRS-22 for several years now. Purchased it when we started doing BGA's. The operators like it - good optics (split view), built like a tank, X-Y table easy to manipulate for alignment. I like it because I ca

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