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Chipmounter Placement Speed

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 05:25:10 EDT 2004 | Simon UK

I can only speak for the Fuji, but it is quite possible to get the maximum placement as long as you set the feeders and cut out some of the programming options that slow the machine. But then you may have a line-balancing issue, i know i did.

ceramic cap cracking

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 10:01:08 EST 2005 | Philj

Try heating a blank board on a hotplate to 183 deg C. with a board this thick, if the layer construction is poorly balanced, it may bend enough in the region of the ceramic capacitor for the soldered joints to crack it on cooling to ambient.

A Meaty one for you clever guys in production

Electronics Forum | Tue May 17 08:20:53 EDT 2005 | davef

Are you aiming to do: * Line balancing * Product scheduling between multiple assembly lines

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 09:15:18 EDT 2005 | Claude_Couture

How much does each part costs? balance that against the cost of counting and recounting and the time you are spending on this. Unless each parts costs dozens of $$$ you are wasting dollars to save pennies. Just my 2 cents

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 20:23:14 EST 2005 | cangly

Hi Russ, We control the gravity of flux each 8 hours and will mix thinner to balance it if any.. Do we need more any action for this.. Thanks for your advices.


Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 06:47:53 EDT 2006 | Julien VITTU (STMicro)

hung copper balance is really critical in your case. in the same configuration we have specified less than 5% copper variation between top and bottom layer if you keep this rule, assembly will be ok, otherwise you will get a terrible warpage after

Best IP to get?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 28 08:20:08 EDT 2006 | Brian

Stick with what you already know. A GSM1 with a 4 spindle head is the way to go. Its excellent for balancing a line becuase you can place anything with it. Or if you need to dispence glue or odd form parts you can add another head later.

Circuit Cam Capability

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 00:49:54 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning, Look at Valor Trilogy 5000. In my opinion this is the best CAM system made especially for SMT production. Trilogy can balance SMT line for you of course. Ask your local Valor representative to make a demo for you. You�ll be surprised I

Heller vs. Vitronics

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 22 07:38:08 EST 2006 | realchunks

Try lowering your blower speeds on the bottom zones. Works as well and lowering temps but easier to control than balancing your delta T from zone to zone.

through hole solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 11:27:25 EST 2007 | asoe

I just wonder anyone had the idea of solderability test for through hole by using a wetting balance equipment? I read the jstd002/003 however my feel is now our machine (metronelec st60) is not capable of this test?

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