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Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 06:22:27 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

We aware of the extend time for cure, and in the CA activity we tried plasma etch and expose the sample to the current process, a screen test of 4 cycles -50C to 125C and the CC held in place. Std IPC tape test passed in current process and modifie

Conformal Coating Process Control & Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 15:53:10 EDT 2020 | robl

Tape test to check adhesion and multiple point thickness test - each board has 5 points per side documented for thickness testing & we measure pre & post coating thickness with an electronic meter. Also temp & humidty are also logged, and alarms go o

Need a non-static generating adhesive transfer material

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 27 16:40:45 EDT 2008 | slthomas

(or just some static-safe foam tape) I need to seal a wire terminal block to a board for conformal coating purposes. Currently we glue it to a shim and glue the shim to the board (yuck), but I want to use die cut gaskets if I can make it cost effec

humiseal 1b73 wicking

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 05 20:39:41 EST 2010 | localperm79

I've recently been placed in control of operations of our SCS conformal coat sprayer and I must eliminate problems with wicking of humiseal 1b73 into surface mount connectors while also trying to minimize masking as much as possible. We use a 55:45

Conformal Coating Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 13:08:19 EDT 2012 | blnorman

I'll chime in here as well. If you have adhesion problems, 90% of the time it's contamination on the substrate (soldermask, flux residues, cleaner residues, etc.). Like Dave said, omega meter is a test for gross cleanliness, and it's OK for process

Conformal Coat

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 11:35:12 EDT 2016 | swag

It's a Spectrum Technologies Sienna 300 Series. The main down fall is that you can only program x and y (as far as I know). By that I mean you can't do circles or diagonals. Only squares and rectangles or shapes with only vertical and horizontal s

AR/UR Coating Application

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 10:56:23 EST 2018 | dontfeedphils

I'm working on bringing up a new conformal coat process/workcenter and have a few questions I'm hoping someone might have experience with. Right now we're manually spraying both coating materials (1B31 and 1A33 from Humiseal) using HVLP guns. I run

Re: Tape residue cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 07 17:17:55 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Ashok: You should select and use low residue tapes. But ya know, ya go out and research a great tape and if yer not careful, the buyer will second source ya and (surprise) ya got residues again. We have found that Lemme say this about Katon tape

Re: Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 20 10:31:19 EST 1998 | Mick Jones

| I will be starting a conformal coating process soon, I am looking for any pointers on | 1) Best method for masking components, tape mask, liqued mask | 2) Which is best Spray or Dip? | 3) Compatiblity with no clean solder paste (flux residue) | I h

Re: ESD Compliant - Air blow off to dry washed circuit board assemblies

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 20:23:19 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Ashok: You're still goin' down that ol' ESD road aren't ya bud? Why do you need the boards to be dry? Conformal coating? Hey wait a minute, are you one of those no-clean people? Er zis related to the Kapton tape res fandango? Anywho, be careful

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