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used mydata equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 15:50:51 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, We are looking at selling the machine in mid April, May time frame. We are selling the machine, all feeders etc. But it's located in Australia, so a bit hard to ship to most locations. If your interested, please email grantpetty@blackmagic-desig

Fuji Flexa

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 10:51:22 EST 2005 | aj

Hi, We are considering/hoping to upgrade from MCS to Fuji Flexa. Obviously the latter is the way to go but could any current users advise pro's and con's and capabilities on Fuji Flexa. Cheers, Alan

Solder dust

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 15:39:18 EST 2005 | Tim

Hi, We are looking for the best method to clean dried solder paste and residue from screen printers and wave solder equipment. What do you use for vacuuming? For breathing protection?

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 03:07:17 EST 2005 | Chua

Hi, We are running lead free at wave solder now and the spray flux system is down. If we are going to able the flux manually, what problem will we be facing with the excess flux able. Appreciate for the advise.

Agilis feeders for MyData machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 08 08:37:10 EDT 2005 | Grant

Hi, We have never had a break, and I did not know that happened. Can they be repaired? Regards, Grant

FUJI Line vs MY15 line

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 01:56:25 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, We run both, and the Fuji's have a much better vision system, and will place reliably. I would never recommend MYDATA over Fuji, as there is a huge difference in stability and placement accuracy. Regards, Grant

Automatic buffer unit ABU IPTE safety diagram?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 11:55:03 EDT 2005 | meritajs

Hi, We have problem with ABU IPTE,it indicate Emergency stop, Break,but we can not find all safety switches and sensors because do not have safety drawing. Could somebody help us?

BGA on both Top and Bottom

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 18:48:50 EDT 2005 | mdang

Hi, We are a Contract Manufacturing and have a project which has a few Xilinx BGA on top and bottom side. Does anyone run a cross this or have any suggestion on how to reflow them. Thank you, -Michael


Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 05:22:53 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, We have always used laser cut with elextropolish, and are getting more fine pitch, lead-less parts etc. I am considering electroform, and does anyone have any experience on how much better it is over lastercut? Regards, Grant

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