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Nitrogen gassing ring

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 22:05:54 EST 2017 | cromaclear

Hello to all, I am using ersa versaflow 3 selective soldering machine, i am having problems with nitrogen gas ring contamination. How can i clean this rings,what do you use? Ultrasonic bath maybe?

Controlling Solder Ball Contamination

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 09:55:45 EST 2001 | ramigary

Hi! We are a low production contract manufacturer company, We have few stencils and low productions, but we have a lot of problems with misprintered pcbs, my question is �is there some machine to clean only pcbs?� Excuse my english.. Ram�n I

Stencil cleaners.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 13:37:35 EDT 2006 | carln

Here is something I copied from Circuitnet.com. This appears to answer your question and then some... http://www.circuitnet.com/experts/ Ask the Experts Jul 17, 2006 What type of cleaner method is preferred for lead-free stencils? What type of s

Re: no-clean process / Got Dendritus Eh?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 10:19:55 EDT 1998 | Dave F

i am working on a no-clean process implementation project in a company. i want to change a board to no-clean which had dendrite problems underneath the small resistors on the bottom side(in smt).i want more information on the exact cause of dendrit

Re: DI Water Quality Curve??

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 22:35:23 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Hello there, I've been reading these posts with a little interest as I'm just setting up a contract assembly facility here in Sunnyvale, California. I've learned a few things concerning water quality & filtering bed life that I thought I'd share

Re: white residue

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 12:52:21 EST 1999 | Dick Casagrande

I'm getting in a little late on this but my 2 cents is: We have been using no-clean flux for a few years now but up till last month were still cleaning (the white residue) our boards (all thru hole). Finally did some investigation and found the flux

Re: no-clean process / Got Dendritus Eh?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 26 19:09:17 EDT 1998 | Graham Naisbitt

As an addendum to Daves posting, please consider that: There is no such thing as no residue fluxing. A no-clean must herefore, have benign residues - in other words, they are not as efficient at removing surface oxides to enable good solder joints. S

gold finish on pcbs

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 23:27:53 EST 2000 | Craig

We are considering using gold plating on our fine pitch pcbs (as oppossed to HASL). We have heard of long term solder reliability problems with joint imbrittlment how bad is this and does it apply for all of the different plating processes the same?

Unsoldered gold pads on unleaded wave solder process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 06:42:14 EDT 2012 | brettrenishaw

We have a problem with our Unleaded wave solder machine only randomly soldering some pads. I have looked at the flux level and that appears fine aswell as cheking the preheat and solder height in the bath. The probelm is not exclusive to one perticul

Inline Aqueous Wash for WS and RMA fluxes

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 08 02:40:45 EST 2006 | Mike Konrad

Hi 'K', We manufacture both batch and inline defluxing equipment so we have no axe to grind with either technology. There are pros and cons associated with both technologies under specific conditions. Batch machines are typically good cleaners but

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