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iPulse M4e Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 01:19:10 EDT 2005 | darby

Hi Mike, I use variations of both of these machines in a Tenryu FV-7100s and Samsung CP45/CP45Neos. Both have been very good machines - I would find it difficult to split them. I have personal dislikes of both tooling and support systems. I would ta

Re: Fountain Wave Soldering and Repair/Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 22 15:48:14 EST 1999 | Chrys

Hello, I will be evaluating and qualifying two equipment types. The first is a fountain soldering device. I need practical advice on all the stuff you guys and gals know about as good, bad, ugly, best applications, setup, limitations, and all

Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 19:00:42 EDT 2006 | SWAG

We've always been MpM so no comparison from me on DEK. All I can say is we have had 3000 series that seemed to need constant attention and almost daily wrenching. We got a couple of AP25 HiE's and they are easier to use, way more reliable and simpl

The specification of Paste deposition thickness and volume

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 01:31:13 EDT 2001 | Stoney Tsai

Guys, If there are any specifications or ciriterions for solder paste deposition thickness and volume evaluation. For example, QFP (0.5 mm pitch), 6~8 mils, 3000 mil^3 PLCC: 8~10 mils, ... . . Thanks in advance. Best Regards,

Has anyone used PACE BGA rework machine IR3000

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 12:31:01 EDT 2011 | smtlogics

I am evaluating PACE IR300 rework system for micro BGA having size .85mm x 1.35mm. Is anyone out there has any experience of reworking this package size BGAs. Your comments will be appreciated.

Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 14:54:30 EDT 2006 | Cmiller

I believe the early UP3000's had some significant mechanical issues. We have 3 UP3000 Ultraflex machines. We bought them used. These are great machines and easy to program but you need to have operators that really understand the machine. I dont thin

Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 04:24:14 EDT 2006 | Rob

We had one of the crap UP3000's. However it was still better than a 265. If you don't need the extra large board size look for an AP2* or a HiE, especially if you are looking at using paste inspection.

I am now looking for Juki, MPM and Heller manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 10:58:11 EST 2011 | cpcompany

Hello Sir. I am now looking for some operational manual for Juki,MPM and Heller equipments urgently. If you can provide a manual in PDF file, then please help me out. 1.MPM UP3000 screen printer 2.JUKI KE750 / KE760 pick and placer 3.Heller 1707EX

Operative system for Reflow RF10A-M and PRU of SP10P-M

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 22 16:48:39 EDT 2003 | samaniegocesar

I will apreciate your support to get the Operative system for reflow oven RF10A-M and PRU system for Screen Printer SP10P-M both machines are 1991, my disc are damaged and the reflow Oven and printer can not read, maybe some of you have this kind of

Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 21:14:08 EDT 2006 | chrisgriffin

I'm with Chunks on this. In my experience MPM's are very accurate and reliable. There are so many out there because people like them. You can make a program with 2D inspection in about 10 minutes. Things do sometimes break on the 3000's, but not

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