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MSD Packaging Standard

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 20 11:58:16 EST 2006 | Rob

We try and do it all (Vac pack, dessicant, indicator card, MSL level, PBT, end termination material etc.) however it throws a spanner in the works if you pull a manufacturer's sealed pack from stock and the vacuum has gone where an edge of a tray has

How you pack & ship your board level assemblies?

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 17 04:39:29 EST 2018 | leadthree

I ship mainly TNT. They handle the boxes very careful, because it said so on their website ;-) But seriously, we use quality cartons and I feel safe. We use a divider packing and the modules are rather loose since we use it for a few different modul

MY19 Randomly reboots the computer

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 13:01:58 EDT 2020 | midast

Thanks Bruce, you are right. When thinking about it that might actually be the issue. I can't by pass the battery pack, unfortunatly ( at least not in my model) I have ordered new batteries that will arrive in a few days. After I removed and put b

Stencil design for dpack

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 19:16:42 EST 2001 | slowe

I am having problems with D-Packs shifting during reflow. Does anyone know of a good aperture design to solve this problem ? Possibly bow tie.

Lead free alloys

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 15:47:29 EDT 2000 | William

Bob, what alloy is leading the pack for sn-pb replacement. Will this alloy adapt itself to component leads? What circuit board finishes will we be dealing with?

Trays - Conductive vs Anti-Static??

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 05:12:23 EDT 1999 | rjk

I am checking out trays for packing of Simms, and I would like to know what are the main differences between Anti-Static and Conductive trays. Anti-static are cheaper, but I would like to know about properties of one against the other, what are vario

equipment to vacuum seal parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 12:11:56 EDT 1998 | Claudine Hanson

We are trying to eliminate/minimize the baking process for high lead-count ICs. We would like to reseal packages containing these parts to minimize exposure to humidity. Anyone have or know of a way to reseal or vacuum pack parts? Any suggested eq

To bake or not to bake?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 26 22:08:07 EDT 1998 | Jeff Sanchez

I recieved a pack of sensitive IC's that said they needed to be baked befor certain processes. If I need to do rework, do I have to bake prior to single soldering of these IC's. Or can I just place one as needed by hand with out baking? Any info woul

Recommend SMD equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 07:45:38 EST 1998 | Matt P.

I am specing out a desk-top type SMD proto-typing and reworking machine for low volume application. Capabilities to 10 mill pitch on a 160 lead quad pack are required. Any suggestions? Thanks, Matt

Packing material, the right track ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 01:06:43 EDT 2002 | Steven Evers

Long term storage requires the right combination of properties. ESD anti-corrosion, archival, etc. We specialize in end-of-life storage and long term preservation of electronics and micro-electronics. Feel free to contact me and check out our new web

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