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Inventory control and maintenance

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 09:19:39 EST 2015 | swiese242

We currently do have part system in place. The problem that we are having is finding the same part used on multiple jobs. We it be sufficient to keep most used and common parts on hand. Then turn kitting into fifo.

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 17:13:58 EDT 2002 | Yannick

Hello! I have a strage problem, we made some production with uBGA, BGA, 0201, 0805, and other type of component. We didn't put the uBGA and 0201 and BGA on the board at the end of the line we look a our solder joint and surprise the solder made a

PCB Identification and Tracking

Electronics Forum | Tue May 06 09:38:41 EDT 2003 | blnorman

We use both labels and lasers to mark our boards. Since implementing the lasers, the downtime attributed to bar code labels on those lines have dropped to virtually nothing. We still have problems with the labels wrinkling during reflow making read

Conformal Coat and RTV

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 21:20:22 EST 2007 | davef

Comments are: * General purpose RTV (RTV-108) releases an acetic acid (vinegar) during cure and corrodes copper, brass and sensitive metals. It is therefore NOT for use in delicate electrical or electronic applications. However, there is an electrica

Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 11:25:02 EDT 2008 | hegemon

ol' hege has got to agree with Chunks and Dave. Seems every time there is a problem, the finger is first pointed at the process. For my $.02 it doesn't matter if your process is 100% bulletproof, procurement will screw it up by finding a vendor that

Tp9 and Tp9 ufp

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 16:24:53 EDT 2011 | smdbert

Hello, My name is Bert i'm working by LéTÉ with two mydata smd machines and have sometimes several problems ,most of the problems try to solve it by myself but sometimes the boss also helps and i write the errors in map but first of all 4 questions

tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 13:37:35 EDT 2001 | Stefan

The pressure sensitive tape is used as an alternative to heat sealed cover tape. It works usually quite well and is easily applied by the taping machine, but it can create some problems in the tape feeder. In the Surftape, Cal is referring to, the c

Stencil cleanliness and inspection

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 14:38:55 EDT 2001 | pteerink

You would be better served to check your print quality as you run. Any problems caused by dirty stencils ( plugged aps etc ) would show up right away as a defect. Search the forum for more on this subject. I seem to recall the same subject coming up

Mydata pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 12:15:32 EST 2000 | Neil

I am looking for a Mydata users group, one possibly located in the Chicago area. If such a group does not exist, I would be more than happy to help start one. I have an older Mydata TP9 (non-UNIX) machine, with weak (yet expensive) support from the m

Re: Tape and Reel

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 18:17:34 EDT 1999 | JAX

Larry, What's happening. You can get this information from the manufacturer. All you need is the manufacturing part number. You should be able to get this from the purchasing department. Once you have this info just open up their website and fo

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