Electronics Forum: universal instruments g0

Re: Universal 4785 chipshooter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 11:27:54 EST 1999 | J. Coogan

Greg Please call us at 607-779-7497 to talk to one of our HSP Technical Specialists. We'd be glad to help. J. Coogan Universal Instruments Corp.

Universal VCD Tooling

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 10:41:45 EST 2001 | Rob Fischer

Here are a couple: Universal Instruments uic.com EMC Global emcgti.com (my employer) Both companies have the ability to supply blanks or finished product.

Feeder/Machine Maintenance Tracking

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 13 15:02:40 EDT 2003 | Mike Cyr

At the risk of offering up a pitch, Universal Instruments Dimensions Software suite includes a functionality that would address this need. For details you might contact a Universal sales representative or browse our website (www.uic.com) for informat

Sanyo TCM 3000 physical dimensions

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 10:24:51 EST 2003 | kauerr

Hey, go to http://www.uic.com it is the Universal Instruments website. Universal sells HSP 4796 machines. These are actually Sanyo TCM 3000 Machines. We have 4 of them, they are awesome machines. Hope this helps, Curt

Good Pick&Place Equipment in competitive price

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 09:50:21 EDT 2004 | Vince Cook

Please check out Universal's Web site for information about the AdVantis platform. http://www.uic.com/wcms/WCMS.nsf/index/Pick_and_Place_1.html Regards, Vince Cook Universal Instruments

Universal GSM Progarmming and Operation

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 10:43:29 EST 2007 | MGC

Universal Instruments provides certified on-site training. You may contact your local UIC Sales or Service team or one of these numbers: http://www3.uic.com/wcms/WCMS2.nsf/index/Contact_Us_94.html

Universal Instruments Lightning Heads

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 17:10:06 EDT 2007 | kgieskes

Universal has been producing Lightning pick and place heads for some years now. How are these heads performing these days? Speed, component range, reliability. Who has worked with them?


Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 28 10:16:14 EDT 2013 | Trinka

You can contact 4TechUSA.com for ALL your Universal Instruments requirements. Watch our videos on youtube.

Universal Instruments Feeders?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 05:45:42 EDT 2018 | chinafeeder

Dear This is tina from china who work for SMT service . we are professional universal gold feeders . we have many original used gold plus feeders . if you want to know more , please contact us http://www.hitachi-feeder.com

Universal say what you will

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 22:32:59 EDT 2002 | lysik

I am the first to bitch about OEM's. So I will tell you this. I ordered a part from Universal instruments that was made in 1979. They were happy to tell me it was in stock and they would ship it over night. That is the BALLS. not only did they have i

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