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non-wet on 0402 mounted on OSP & lead free paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 24 13:21:12 EDT 2008 | evtimov

Hello Bong, I would make one test only. Make one batch using the problem part from a different vendor. That will answer your main question. For me the part is causing all your problems. If it is possible, change it. Last time having problem like you

Stencil for BGA re-balling

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 09:19:17 EST 2008 | davef

By the way you asked the question, we assume that by "reballing" you mean bumping, we should be able to figure that out: * Volume of the ball = ( pi*d^�)/6 = [355/113] *0.6*0.6*0.6]/6 = 0.11mm^3 * Volume of solder required = 2*volume of ball = 2*0.11

Dek model questions

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 08:51:56 EST 2008 | pjc

256 LT or Lite, low end fully auto machine, lower res alignment camera, not as accurate and repeatable as GSX. Wiper and Auto Paste dispensing optional. GSX is fully loaded with hi end camera alignment, auto paste, vac stencil wiper, may have auto fl

Bottom side adheasive

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 12 12:01:44 EST 2008 | realchunks

As the technology has changed towards surface mount, so has the applying adhesive. In the past clinching parts would have knocked off SMD parts, but no that has all changed. So applying the adhesive via screen print is common and any thru-hole part

Hot Bar Soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 02:08:56 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi! Just joined the circuit. Hot Bar soldering is very reliable provided the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and Rigid PCB design support this technique. Some of the critical aspects that need to be considered include Stencil apperture design for sold

SOT23s and paste + glue

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 11:09:21 EST 2008 | mfcat

We changed paste manufacturers rather recently and are now seeing SOT23s falling off after wave solder. These parts have a dual process... we stencil print paste, apply glue, populate then reflow. Only SOT23s fall off, chips are fine. We do not be

Quick Turn Around for an EMS Provider - Brainstorming

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 13:30:00 EST 2009 | evtimov

I've done it many times in the past and I would never recommend to do something like that. always you will have troubles with quality, unless the board is really easy. 3 good persons can do it in 2 days. One create programs and trouble shoot all th

Problems to use lead free paste in PCB with Pb

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 03 03:35:30 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Jose, such a process is possible, but you need to confirm that the PCB material has high Tg. In additon, you need to re-look solder paste printing parameters and make required changes in stencil apperture design for optimum solder volume. Just a

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 18:33:59 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

It is probably due to the solder mask being undercured and is porous alowing the flux to be absorbed which boils when it hits the solder wave that kills the adhesion. You should be seeing this only over copper traces/tracks. Reduce flux volume and in

Solder paste height

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 15:26:07 EST 2009 | clampron

Hi Jorge, Take a bare board and measure over the same pad. We have had similar issues with a higher deposition than the stencil thickness. In some cases, we have found that the top of the pad was higher than the solder mask. Our inspector uses the b

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