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Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 28 09:06:19 EDT 2009 | nibirta

Well the only spec is 10.88% flux, 89.12% metal. the problem is only at one specific capacitor we have this issue. Sn over Ni finish. Sn-Ag solder paste. I have read all the arhives from the site, but nothing explains me what is happening.everything

0201/Micro BGA PCB Tolerance

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 18:44:14 EDT 2009 | mark_h

Hi Everyone My company has done loads of 0402 placements but are now required to start looking at 0201 and micro BGA placements. I’ve done loads of research and I’m happy with stencil design, area ratio, oven profile, machine requirements and paste r

Equipments required for making SMD PCB's

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 27 10:10:23 EDT 2009 | ysutariya

I'm not in assembly, but I do know of a technology called Sipad if you are only looking to do small batches. They pre-apply the solderpaste to boards with a light adhesive, which allows you to hand-place components, even micro BGA's and fine-pitch Q

Tactile Hardware limit MPM Ultraprint 2000

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 09:02:34 EDT 2009 | kpm135

We replaced the tactile sensor's linear actuator on a MPM Ultraprint 2000 HiE. Now we are getting a Tactile Hardware limit error every time we try to find the stencil height. I was hoping some one could explain why we're getting this error and any i

Flip Chip Solder Ball Attach

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 11:08:36 EDT 2009 | spitkis2

Hi, This may be a bit off the subject but thought I'd ask just in case. I am looking to identify a process / equipment for attaching solder balls to flip chips. Solder balls are 75 microns in diameter. With BGA's there are reballing kits that use

LGa soldering issues......

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 16:32:38 EDT 2009 | markhoch

Yeah, those gosh darn disty parts...get you every time. lol Can we get just a little more info? Let's start with the basics... Stencil Thickness? Aperture Reduction? Leaded or Lead-Free? No-Clean or Water Soluble? How's your reflow? Have you prof

Mysterious reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 03 04:53:31 EDT 2009 | d0min0

to summarize - 3 components are placed on a single module x 8 on pcb - 2 anodes & 1 cathode are infected (so no component for us) - the problem does not look like wetting problem as the component and land pad is wetted, but the paste is not complete

solder paste volume model

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 22 10:29:18 EDT 2009 | stepheniii

To how many decimal places? Do you want to have a factor for different screen printer operators? There is no such formula and I doubt there ever will be one with any real accuracy. The stencil house might be able to tell you the total area of the

QFN Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 06:27:50 EDT 2009 | bandjwet

SMTnetters: Does anyone have experience in the average programming time that they use for calculating costs on using a solder dispense and place process for QFN rework? How about average cycle time from start to finish for same? We are comparing it

defects in pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 03 18:09:17 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

I think most have summed up the first pictures also is the drillng looking like it is misregistered as well. Better to do a solvent test to determine resist cure not the old stuff the newer chemicals show under cure problem much better. Try your st

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