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QFN voiding levels

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 11 03:14:03 EDT 2010 | muarty

Thanks Dax, We currently employ a stencil aperture design pretty much similar to that you describe. And you are correct in what you say about the thermal demands almost dictating the allowable voiding level. We have suggested to our customer that th

Voiding in LGA (LT) soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 31 04:05:23 EDT 2010 | arjan

Hi Mark, Thanks for your responce! The stencil thickness and especially the reduction of 45% are not recommend by LT, did you came to this combination experimentally? We never have the illusion to produce voiding free, but now its around the accepta

Printing Speeds for Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 12:07:31 EDT 2010 | davef

Printing solder paste * Use single stroke, on-contact print cycle * Ensure the substrate is well supported, especially under areas of fine pitch print. * Select pressures of about 1- 2 lbs per linear inch of squeegee blade [Set squeegee pressure hig

BGA non wetting

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 02:46:17 EDT 2010 | grahamcooper22

Hi Gani, Looking at the pictures in the report it looks as if there is a thin coating of solder on the pcb pad....but it looks like the BGA sphere was barely in contact with the pad. This could be caused by insufficient solder paste on this pad...may

Mixing different manufacturers solder pastes

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 16:22:47 EDT 2010 | jax

Who Cares... Mix Away! Although you should not mix different Solder Pastes' together in a container or on a stencil (Mostly due to the flux, although solder sphere size and shape could cause an issue), mixing solder brands or chemistries on a board

Reflow oven recommendation

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 14 20:29:17 EST 2010 | isd_jwendell

I have dealt with Manncorp twice, and both times did not go well, so I do not recommend dealing with them. I use the Mistral 260 and am quite happy with it's performance. However, it does not open like other clam-shell style ovens. I haven't needed

Changing Ni/Au finish to HASL lead free

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 11:49:33 EST 2010 | remullis

1st the buyer shouldn't control the process based on cost. Let them buy stuff and stick to that. 2nd, I do think leveling in th HASL process is important. If you have high spots on pads for fine pitch your wiping away more of that aperture than othe

I Need T5 Solder Paste by 01/25

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 05 12:41:41 EST 2011 | ppcbs

Any distributors or do you know any distributors > that can deliver a T5 Lead solder paste by 01/25 > or close? Thank you to everyone who provided leads. I ended up getting a T5, 63/37 paste. I can't beleive how nice it prints. I'm printing 5 m

SMT pattern question

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 15 08:02:36 EDT 2011 | davef

Yes, you can reflow solder SMT parts with pads designed for wave soldering [including 1206] providing that you design your stencil apertures properly. It's a momma, poppa, baby bear situation. * Wave solder sized apertures will put too much paste on

Nitrogen for reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 11:15:26 EDT 2011 | circleprime

I did some investigating and it seemed that getting a reflow oven with an inert atmosphere could be the answer to the inconsistant wetting issues that we are having with a leadfree DFN-10 on one of our products. Here's my question(s). It seems that

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