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Removing extra gold bleeding from pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 18:08:23 EST 2013 | hegemon

Not exactly normal, I don't think. Though I have seen similar in the CM world. I can't think of a way to remove that overplating, either. If you can't reject the boards outright, then you might be looking at some touch up work, should bridging hap

solder paste solvent

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 17:23:07 EST 2013 | dyoungquist

In response to hegemon... This is not a recommended practice but..... We have added a few drops of water soluble flux to our water soluble solder paste when the paste is on the stencil. This was after the paste had "dried" out a bit. We have had

Training plan for SMT Operator

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 22:29:55 EST 2013 | armandogomez

This is a very common question, I can relate to your question I have here almost the same setup on the smt line, printer a DEK, MY12 and an awful versatronics oven, about the question about the responsibilities, here the operator has only the knowled

Nano coatings ? PAPERS!!! ... We want papers!

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 18 11:25:24 EDT 2013 | cyber_wolf

I was at an SMTA meeting Friday. One of the topics of discussion was nano coatings. 1. Nobody wants to talk about where the coating goes as it wears off. 2. There are different types of nano coatings : Chemically bonded which involves a special bon

QFN PCB Pad no Drain Hole

Electronics Forum | Sat May 18 10:21:09 EDT 2013 | davef

isd.jww: Comments are: * Current thinking has flux volatiles being the major contributor to voiding, not scavanging by via * I have no reason to think that 0.3mm via won't gladly accept solder. Plug them, if that's a concern. * If your concern is ina

QFN PCB Pad no Drain Hole

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 12:50:42 EDT 2013 | spoiltforchoice

Is this a "thermal balance" issue? In the 2nd image you have a group of pads blobbed together as one giant pad. IMHO this is a bad idea, QFN's rely heavily on the magic of your paste and good PCB design to get good alignment. When your solder paste i

BGA Warping at the corners

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 17 09:52:33 EDT 2013 | sara_pcb

My circuit board contains 11 x 11 matrix 1mm pitch BGA, The device was tested in socket on evaluation Board. We handed over the actual PCB & devices for re-flow. The assembly house first re-flowed all the SMT components other than BGA. BGA was placed

HMP soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 10:37:06 EDT 2013 | torch

we have been asked by a client if we are capable of producing product that will require HMP, I am currently tyring to gather as much info as I can with regards to this solder type and would like help can we run this type of solder through a smt line

CAD Formats and Solder Point Counts

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 16:17:17 EDT 2013 | scdunlap

In your experience, what is the most popular CAD > package in use today? > > Also, does anyone have > an automated and/or quick way of counting the > solder points on an assembly based on either > gerbers or CAD data? We use GCPrevue to view

Expected pick and place precision for 0603 LEDs?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 13 16:48:19 EST 2013 | spoiltforchoice

I would expect any half decent machine to place 0603 parts slap bang on target to the typical defined accuracy for such parts on most machines of perhaps ~60 microns or better. Self correction during reflow is IMHO much less pronounced with lead-free

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