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Uncoalesced solder problem in fine pitch IC pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 15:35:21 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

Do those Balls pass IPC LOL Looks like the paste has been stored incorrectly probably stored stood upright and the flux medium has 'moved' so you have very rich flux areas and getting slumping due to it. Paste in cartridges should be stored flat refr

very cheap way to reclaim solder from dross

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 07:22:05 EDT 2008 | ccouture

I use this directly in the solder pot inside the wave machine. It is small enough to float at the surface of the solder, yet by loading it it act as a sieve and retains the dross while most of the solder pass trough, allowing me to clean the whole po

very cheap way to reclaim solder from dross

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 10:03:17 EDT 2008 | dwelch123

The bread pans are stackable, same size at top but smaller at the bottom. I also do this inside the solder wave. Just press the other bread pan on top of the other. It helps to have some guns on you, some little stick boy might not squeeze enough, bu

Problems placing PLCC4 parts with Fuji IP1 - any help/ideas?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 15:40:21 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

255 shuts it off, but if I remember correctly 254 still uses vision but passes almost everything? You might want to give 254 a try before resorting to 255. I believe 254 will still correct some pickup offsets. And iirc 255 isn't in the manual but so

solder balls on pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 23:38:48 EDT 2008 | pathakvj

We have 8 layer HASL PCB. We saw molten solder blobs / balls on op side of assembled PCB. (to check, if this was a bare board problem), We passed bare board as received thru, SMT reflow oven and saw solder balls on top side of board. What could be th

manual stencil print 2 passes

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 15:06:25 EST 2008 | evtimov

It depends how manual is the printer. you need to control pressure and speed. If you control both by hand, it is difficult to discuss results. If the pressure is controlled by the printer, than you should be able to do it by one deposit. Also is the

manual stencil print 2 passes

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 20:11:43 EST 2008 | xianhua_tang

hi,brettc! Our stencil openings no more than 4mm * 4mm, you have a larger component of the pads is more than a 4*4? At the same time, with the thickness of the stencil, I would like to increase the printing speed can be improved to reduce the thickne

BGA failure at Functional Test

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 10:56:13 EST 2009 | aj

Hi, Is there any PTH Assembly after reflow, we found cracked joints on some BGAs which was caused by operators ing Oupin connectors which were a tight fit. This caused the PCB to flex hence cracking joints. One way of checking for this during test

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 06:22:27 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

We aware of the extend time for cure, and in the CA activity we tried plasma etch and expose the sample to the current process, a screen test of 4 cycles -50C to 125C and the CC held in place. Std IPC tape test passed in current process and modifie

layer 2 groundplane disconnects after hand solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 10 13:25:08 EDT 2009 | jefflkupkt

Layer 2 is the ground plane layer of a 4 layer board. After installing a 2.5 mm DC power jack and 0.1 center SIP header by hand, the ground pin disconnects and causes an open. My board supplier said they passed Electrical Test. Prepreg was within

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