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soldering robot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 12:46:50 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Rob is right, you do need to dispense paste or pre-forms when using a laser. Although the Panasonic Soft Beam has a wire despenser. I've seen laser soldering and it does work on smaller stuff. Doesn't work well on connectors even after preheating.

soldering robot

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 07:12:52 EDT 2007 | bartlozie

Hello, we are a subcontractor firm, because we get all kind of designs, most of the times, our selective soldering machine, had its limitations, a lot of designers don't think about selective soldering design rules, Yes, selective soldering is fas

CSP and BGA soldering difference.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 08:44:45 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

"Guest" is right, actually. CSP's are essentially BGA's, but typically the pitch and ball diameters are much smaller and in some cases, the pads of the CSP's can not be screen printed. If that's the case, you'd have to have flux-dip capabilities on

How long can you leave paste - update

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 09:57:19 EDT 2007 | ed_faranda

Yes, Hand Up here. I would think you would have a quality problem. I am assuming you're doing this process in some sort of batch mode. I would hope that you can process your boards within a few minutes after components being placed. Things that I

Conformal Coat Thermal Conductivity

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 18 09:16:51 EDT 2007 | Cecil

We currently have an assembly that we have to mask the surface of several (24)SMT components where thermal compound is applied at a latter operation. These component packages vary from BGA's to QFP's. After the thermal compound is applied the PWA is

Mix Technology Board Processes

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 15:49:26 EDT 2007 | Theresa Spear

Instead of using adhesives to glue the back side SMD components and wave soldering them together with the through hole components, our manufacturing engineers choose to process the back side components through reflow oven without adhesives and proces

SMT Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 16:27:28 EDT 2007 | davef

"If you wanna get a "warm n fuzzy" that your cleaner is capable of doing the job. One thing you can do is what I was taught when selecting a cleaner to buy, is get yourself some glass plates (heat resistant tempered glass to be sure!) and make yourse

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 10:07:06 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Hi Dub J, I have worked for a few companies that did 3D sampling and found the data they produce to be useless. In the real world they are slow, so that means you won't sample every board. Now if you're not sampling every board, and you start to r

Reflow oven profiling - frequency ???

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 11:01:36 EDT 2007 | pjc

Profiling is product specific. An instrument called the OvenRIDER from ECD is for soldering machine quality management. See link below. This instrument measures various parameters of your oven to include thermal transfer efficiency. The concept is,

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 22:28:17 EDT 2007 | colormaker

radiant heat. 137c The hollis was a great machine. The one I had the prehead wass on or off there was no setting. The pot temperature guage was brocken so I had to guess and manually turn the heater on and off. The whole machine was covered with 1 i

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