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Re: Product Segmentation in Pick Place Machines?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 14:06:49 EDT 1999 | ScottM

Okay guys (and my fellow lady lurkers), I am trying to determine WHAT the segmentation is for the products in the pick and place industry. For example, I know in screen/stencil printing, there are manuals, there are semi-automatics, mid- and h

Re: Siemens Reliability

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 04:51:43 EST 1999 | John Godfrey

We are currently looking into purchasing a high volume, medium mix production line. We are considering several different vendors and I would like to know if current users of Siemens equipment are happy. Are the machines maintenance intensive? Ho

Re: Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 19:00:52 EST 2000 | Christopher Noonan

When the are up and running they are hard to beat, but when they go down they go down hard. Keep field service close. Don't get me wrong they're great machines and the company I used to work for had some of the first machines available. I come fro

Re: Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 23:12:09 EST 2000 | Brad

Chris, Have you considered Fuji? The robustness of Fuji is proven. I have recently done floor space analysis and cost per placement/sqr foot studies. I have also performed ROI studies on these machines. The new CP7 machine from Fuji outperforms th

Re: Handshake

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 16 16:05:59 EDT 2000 | CAL

Brian- IPC has SMEMA Down loads for communication protocal: http://www.ipc.org/html/fsresources.htm. Also, I interfaced a fuji CP6 with a Siemens s20 and had to put in a relay and sensor to complete the communications loop. Fuji uses a 24v on/off com

Re: wafer to waffle

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 13 07:17:32 EDT 2000 | Paul Gerits

Dear Sir, It is possible depending on the exact application. At the moment only way to go direct from die to waffle or PCB is with Hover Davies direct die feeders on Philips EMT (ACM, advanced component mounter), Universal and Siemens machines. This

Round Solder Lands

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 06:25:04 EST 2001 | PeteC

Thanks for your feedback. All the 0603 chips have the round solder lands but the 0805 chips and larger are rectangular. After speaking with the designer on it he said they chose round lands for the 0603 chips to get higher density of the circuit trac

Share info for Six sigma - BB

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 09:50:04 EST 2001 | stefwitt

Dave, I did assume Angela meant components ready for pick up. It would be too time consuming for any machine to measure the component availability prior to pick up. If we assume that the feeder advances in a rate of six sigma ( 3 defects per mio ) t

Mydata vs Siplace

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 11:06:32 EDT 2001 | pteerink

I had a couple of Mydata's for a number of years. I loved the software, it was easy to use, easy to program, easy to learn and very flexible. It's design is suited more for "batch" style production, rather than inline production. The placement is rel

Mydata vs Siplace

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 02:07:27 EDT 2001 | joe

It's not so much of a change but a new investment. We have Siplace lines now, and very pleased with the performance. The reason for looking at the Mydata is to remove all the small stuff from the faster lines and reduce changeover times. The idea is

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