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24Hour 2 layer PCB / 48Hour 4 layer PCB / 48 Hour 6 layer PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 22:45:42 EDT 2015 | cathy247

Hello Maxim, we offer below services with Popular Competitive Pricing: -Express PCB Prototyping(2-28 layer) -HDI PCB -Flexible Printed Board(1-8 layer) -Flexi-rigid Printed Board -High Frequency Board(Rogers,Arlon,PTFE) -Blind/Buried Via Board -High

0402 bridging

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 17:32:53 EDT 2015 | jldowsey

Les, Some of the answers to design or stencil aperture/placement machine depend upon what is the current spacing between your components which you didn't specify. Chip components such as 0402's and 0201's typically have very small reductions in pas

Help with resources for SMT assembly

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 25 18:35:33 EDT 2015 | orbitcoms

I am looking for information regarding setting up an SMT assembly line. I have recently purchased a stencil paste printer, pick and place, and reflow oven. The main information I need is the paste selection and best finish material on the PCBs. I wil

Help with resources for SMT assembly

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 26 07:09:25 EDT 2015 | orbitcoms

Thank you for your prompt response. The boards we have made for us current are Immersed Gold treated because we have been hand soldering and needed flat finish that would solder ok without tarnishing too quickly. I will take a look at the link you pr

Land Grid Array soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 13:24:18 EDT 2016 | davef

I doubt that your problem is driven primarily by irregularities in your circuit board. My bet is that you’re seeing defects caused primarily by the warpage in your LGA. Consider using advice often given for minimizing warpage caused defects in BGA

Conformal Coat

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 09:54:49 EDT 2016 | swag

Not exactly SMT but something I recently did that might save you lots of time and money: Complex high $ assy that has 25+ conformal coat keep out areas - most different shapes. All locations are dimensioned on customers' print. We tried a one piec

IC void

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 22:40:13 EDT 2016 | slouis2014

Hi, yes have a few experiments initially i tried to increase the solder volume but component pin have insufficient solder. 1. The solder coverage do you calculate it by solder volume or solder area. 2. if i would achieve as you recommend 50-60 % woul

Who are the top PCB Suppliers in China?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 06:02:06 EDT 2018 | vipcircuit

Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co.,Ltd is the professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer in China. 1. PCB business include the general PCB and special process PCB such as HDI, high frequency, aluminum base, heavy copper, golden finger, blind via, flex or rigid-fle

Wave soldering pallet

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 10:40:59 EST 2016 | davef

Does your new machine require the use of pallets? Some do not. If so, consider these suppliers to help with your pallet: * Asahitec stencils pvt ltd [http://www.smtnet.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_company&company_id=52967] * Stentech [http

Thermal Pads Soldering Worry, can anybody help?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 24 22:50:43 EDT 2017 | dawson

In fact, we can solve this problem easily. AOI only check whether the IC is soldered well. But we can ask our technician to make a test first to control the reflowing temperature and time. 1. using tool to test the temperature between the bottom IC

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