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Re: Baking of PCB's/Flexes

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 13:56:08 EDT 2000 | ptvianc

Hello: Pre-baking laminates should only be performed:(1) to meet contractual agreements or (2) in response to an actual defect that can be traced to PWB water absortion. Besides the fact that a pre-bake is an enormous process "bottleneck," it also

Re: Plastic BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 13:26:53 EDT 2000 | ptvianc

Hello: 1. Yes, it is necessary to reball a PBGA after removal from the board. Once the part has been removed, the quantity of solder on the balls is out of control. This condition will not only result in an unacceptable variation in solder quantity

Re: Lead-Free Processing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 13:28:13 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

On all the trials I have done I have made no changes to the stencil thickness or apertures than the normal changes we make for our process. I have not changed any thing in terms on volume of solder for more reliable joints. I fact I have not read any

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 09:11:12 EDT 2001 | Grant Petty

Hi, I would agree. We purchased a TP9 just the slow machine, but we were a small company at the time, and it worked fantastic. Almost no maintenance, and it's a dream to changeover. The serivce in Australia is also very good, but that does not appl

Is more epoxy better?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 17:34:22 EDT 2001 | davef

Continuing the line of Michael's, the previous poster, comments ... The more Krispy Kremes, the better. Yeth!!! The more beer, the better. Yeth!!! The more epoxy, the better. Uh, I don think so!!! We look at this from a papa bear, mama bear, bab

Rheopump vs. squeegee

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 13:50:49 EDT 2001 | DaveG

I don't have any actual "hard" data to give on improvements but, I can share some experiences with you. What we noticed when we implemented the Rheo pump was: No more solder "skips" on our boards, Improved print quality on our BGA's & 16mil fine pitc

Feeder Calibration

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 08 23:05:57 EDT 2001 | Darby

John, Tenryu/Amistar/i-Pulse made stainless replicas of feeder tape for various pitches and feeder widths. Part # for 0402 is "MT-0802" ( 8mm wide x 2mm pitch ). Standard 8mm wide tape is " MT-0804". If you can't get any of these, spend an hour on yo

Screen Printing with a Pallet.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 21:41:35 EDT 2001 | mugen

A) Questions: 1) What sort of pallet materials used? 2) what PCB thickness & LxW size? 3) what stencil type & thickness used? 4) what profile type used (peak deg-C)? 5) any peak Deg-C contraints for the components SMT onto the PCB? B) We use pallet

Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 02:01:15 EDT 2001 | mugen

Hey....sneaky smartie here.... my finance manager, would love to have you on the MRB team.... Anyway, most technical paste specs, do highlight the possibility, should the paste become "dry" or "sticky", we MAY recondition the paste, by "place it fro

Inspection Methods

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 21:16:18 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Dave, We don't do any inspection. Before everyone says "bull...t". Let me explain. We are an OEM. I spent six years in subcontractor hell and wouldn't go back for all the tea in China. It took me two years to convince them when I first got here but I

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