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Frameless stencil systems - Vectra vs Tetra

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 29 06:48:47 EDT 2000 | Homer

I wish to gather some information on this relatively new system. I know the pro�s can someone tell me the con�s. I have heard that the air operated systems have �bladder � failures on a regular basis. Does anyone have experience of this?. Any infor

Re: Ultrasonic stencil cleaner (fixing my typo's...)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 21:43:47 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

I had a couple of typo's...when I talked about the detergent, I meant to say NON polluting detergent like Smart Sonic's...I didn't mean to insinuate that the detergent (R440) from Smart Sonic is...neither detergent is polluting...

blocking off stencil apertures with tape

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 17:49:16 EDT 2001 | Leland W.

Something you'll want to consider is what happens with bits of tape that become relocated due to manual or automatic wiping. I've seen them block fine pitch apertures and create an insufficient solder condition that, guess what, wound up in the hand

Thickness of solder paste from stencil

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 10:14:05 EDT 2002 | BTaylor

We use the ASC vision master 212, our customers wanted a height and volume measurement rather than an inspector doing a visual. We have added this machine to our process, checking height on many preprogrammed locations then this generates a X bar and

choosing a type semi-automatic stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 09:18:54 EDT 2004 | Dennis

Speedline Technologies offer several versions of semi-auto screen printers. Speedline have a distributor in India called International Marketing Corp. Their phone number is +91-22-2522-8170. You can find out more about Speedline's products by going

Fill a stencil openings with what?!

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 14:47:45 EDT 2008 | slthomas

We used to have fids filled with epoxy too, but they were never cut all the way through. It was just to blacken the mark better. Are you sure they were actually cut through? I can't imagine something as brittle as epoxy holding as a filler with not

Fill a stencil openings with what?!

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 10:33:27 EDT 2008 | martinouk

We use masking tape - cheap as chips although you do have to replace it after washing. I have in the past used BLACK TAK from loctite. It was extremely expensive, and was supposed to be permenant. But after two/three washers through the cleaner it ne

Nub bying p&p, stencil printer and reflow.

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 09:43:00 EDT 2011 | dyoungquist

A bit more information will help people give a more educated response. What size res/caps? Any fine pitch ICs? BGAs? Lead or lead free? What quantity of components and/or boards are you loading? Will it be high mix, low volume or lower mix, hig

Re: Step-down stencil Versus Reduced Aperture Design

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 07:22:03 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

I'd like to know the advantages and disadvantages between the two. Thanks and regards, Both have their place. When using less fine pitch (.025" +) with fine pitch (.020" or less and BGA's) a .007" thick stencil may be used. This would re

Nub bying p&p, stencil printer and reflow.

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 15 11:14:13 EDT 2011 | smtmax

Hi. I've been looking for SMT machines and have > a budget close to 100k total on a stencil > printer, p&p + feeders and reflow owen. Witch > machines would you choose with this budget? Have > any one of you heard of evest? _a class=roll > href

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