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Criteria for the Omega Mete from Alpha Metals Inc.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 10:49:35 EST 2001 | Simon

We are using the omega meters to determine the solvent extract conductivity. The book is refering to standard MIL-P-28809 who specifies a 14 ug/sq. in. of Na/Cl limit. The past owner of our machine was setting the pass/fail limit at 3.6 ug / sq. in.

Re: Broken capacitors

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 03 10:05:22 EST 2000 | Steven J

Greetings to all. We are currently experiencing cracking of the ceramic capacitors, on both primary and secondary sides of the PWB. The components range in size from 1206, 1210, to 1815s. The cracks do not appear to alter the electrical properties


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 20 10:22:18 EST 2000 | Sheng Jin

Hi: Many 75ALS573DW parts we reveived lately from one of our vender have some problem with its pin 2, an output pin of the tranciever ( probably resulting from EOS damage). Its impedance verse GND should be normally 3M ohm up. The parts we have measu

Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 11:59:34 EDT 2000 | George English

Looking for some welcome advise again folks. We are currently using a reflow profiling software package which requires passing a data logging unit through the oven attached via thermocouples to a populated 'dummy' PCB. The problem is we have a very

Re: 2-sided Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 13:06:41 EDT 2000 | Brian W.

I have done both. If you have a line that runs both sides in none pass, running the adhesive side first allows you to have one less machine or station for board flipping. If you have to move the board from one line to another, or back to the front

Perforated Tabs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 14:53:28 EDT 2000 | Mike Demos

I'm looking for some design paramters for perforated tabs. These are the tabs that connect the circuit board to the break-away pannel material. I've never used these before, but I've seen some that have reportedly worked well. These tabs are ident

Re: intrusive reflow with OA paste

Electronics Forum | Sat May 27 09:45:52 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Many thanks for the name check from John Thorup PIHR can be done very simply and it can provide positive fillets on both sides of the board. I have just finished a line with SDSRS, Simultanouse Double Sided Reflow Soldering thats sodering both sides

Re: G Tech materials for PCB fab

Electronics Forum | Wed May 10 22:58:52 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Michael: We all make choices. A first pass at yours is: Resin Tg�C Cost FR4 125 1 Tera Functional 135 1.1 Multi Functional 180 1.2 BT Epoxy Blend 210 1.5 Cyanate Ester 250 2 Polyimide 280 3 It's unclear about your meaning of "compat

PLCC PD's for IP3

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 21 20:00:29 EDT 2000 | Larry Johnson

I have been programming FUJI equipment for about 7 years now, and I am yet to fully understand this. PLCC's on an IP3. Front light, back light? Any CCD Level offsets? I just can't seem to get a good PD that will pass vision consistently. Can anyon

ESD Compliant - Air blow off to dry washed circuit board assemblies

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 17:45:02 EDT 2000 | Ashok Dhawan

I am looking for an appropriate method to dry wave soldered boards. While board assemblies are passed through board cleaning station , they are not fully dry . We do not want to heat above 180 deg F to dry them completely. We think that air drying u

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