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Boards delaminated after wash

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 16:25:49 EDT 2001 | Hussman

I thought Dan saw the delamination after wash - not baking? What temp are your dryers on the washer set at?

Drying PCBoards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 03 10:32:05 EDT 2002 | davef

First, we have talked about drying / baking / demoisturizing / whatevering bare board previously. Search the fine SMTnet Archives to get started on recipes. Second and more importantly, you gotta fix this delamination problem. If it is delaminatio

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 14:47:27 EDT 2007 | GS

MSL 3) By SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscope) before to remove them from PCB, you could identify if de-laminated or not and the degree of delamination. Best Regards...GS

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 31 22:22:04 EST 2008 | davef

It's not as simple as specifying tg in a leadfree world. You need to better understand delamination temperature - td. To start, search the fine SMtnet Archives on td. For instance: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=50312

board delaminated after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 07:49:25 EDT 2009 | davef

We don't view this as "board delamination." It looks more like "solder mask bubbling." It may be the picture. Please describe the issue or enclude additional pictures.

board delaminated after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 09:09:39 EDT 2009 | tommyttr

That is a delamination. It is indeed from moisture. You need to bake the boards for at least 8 hours and you should be good to go.

PCB Delamination in PTH hole

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 12:40:08 EDT 2009 | awtm

pls find attached photo from Supplier saying that the failure at pth hole was due to blistering caused by moiture evaporate rapidly resulting delamination occur on FR-4 material from an old PCB (3yrs). Pls advise if attached picture confirms such co

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 09:15:08 EDT 2012 | davef

bwjm: Delamination can be attributed to several factors: * Entrapped moisture, processing solutions, and what not that expands when heated to normal soldering temperature * Excessive soldering temperature * Excessive laminating temperature * Def

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 08:21:28 EDT 2013 | leeg

I have been asked a question on what procedures we should in case of a PCB delaminating during the reflow process, e.g what gases can be produced and any evacuation /re-entering checks that we should do before allowing the operators to return to thei

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 06 13:30:56 EDT 2013 | horchak

Wow this sounds like an upper management questions. Why would anybody suspect any different out gassing from a board that de-laminates and one that doesn't, unless of course the board is literally being burnt or scorched. If I'm missing something he

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