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Re: Andon BGA Socket Soldering Problem - Ball Collapse

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 08:03:36 EDT 1999 | Mark Quealy

I am trying to solder a 388 ball BGA to an Andon Electronics Corp. BGA socket adapter and I am having problems in the reflow of this part. I put no clean paste flux in the solder cups of the adapter then put the BGA part onto the adapter and run

Re: Does Fuji have adaptive pick?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 22:00:50 EST 1998 | Phillip Hunter

Many machines now have adaptive pick that helps tune in the pickup as the 0402 part moves around in the pocket. Fuji may have a feature like this, but I think they adapt the pickup in only one axis (by adjusting the feeder rack). Unfortunately th

Re: Does Fuji have adaptive pick?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 24 15:17:12 EST 1998 | Jim Mitchell

Phil - The C Series machines do not support adaptive pick. If you get a chance, take a look at the the Q Series product line from Quad. I think that you will be impressed. I worked with L&W for a number of years. There has been a great relationsh

Mains adapter problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 14:37:24 EDT 2002 | norvica

I have an Altai mains adapter. Input 240v ac Output 3,4.5,6,7.5,9,12 v dc 300mA MAX It has a polarity plug where you plug in the lead. I want to run a 3v Fuji film digital camera. Do i plug in the plug so the + goes to the - or the + goes to the +

Wow! Changes...

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 10:27:32 EDT 2002 | davef

This is for Pete. He's very busy today, trying to make money to feed the wife and kids. Why doesn't the new SMTnet "home" look like the old "home"? * New "home" has like three boxes that each go all the way across the page. * Old "home" had like si

SMT feeder adapters

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 31 07:55:04 EST 2008 | tonyamenson

I noticed on the floor that workers hand place some SMT parts becuase some parts that came in a tube (instead of on a reel) do not fit properly into the tube feeders. The tubes dont align properly in the feeders becuase of their size. Are there any

SMT feeder adapters

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 31 08:51:31 EST 2008 | tonyamenson

I just made a more in depth query on the floor and what I thought was one issue is many many issues. We are hadn placing parts that came in bulk instead of tubes, another issue is the vision system won't register teh part corrrectly, another is the

Mydata My100 or Siemens D1?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 11:22:51 EST 2010 | fredc

Hello TQS, We have made Micro Mechanics adapters for Mydata. The Micro Mechanics tips are used in die bonding machines. I have no doubt that an adapted nozzle would hold your die securely. From Grants posts in the past, he had problems with placement


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 14 07:03:54 EST 2018 | aantonielli

Good morning, I am a consultant of the Court of Milan and I have to estimate the value of about 60 machinary Insite B Bench Top, manufactured in 2013. I wonder if these machines are still desirable on the market (eventually making some Investments/ad

TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 05:40:25 EST 2001 | peterbarton

There is a company here in the UK that specialises in manufacturing adapters for converting from one footprint to another, maybe they have already done this particular combination. If not they will design and manufacture to suit. They are: PRS Limit

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