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Procam Software

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 05:27:24 EST 2020 | linux

Hello All, we are looking for procam software for obtaining centroid data from Gerber, this software is no-longer supported and cannot be purchased. does anyone have a copy to share or sell. thanks

Merging BoM and XY Data

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 10 10:25:54 EDT 2019 | mikekeens

The merge software looks good but still not always getting the results i want - The following website can carry out a BOM to centroid xy placement data merge - http://www.surfacemountprocess.com/centroid-file-generation-service.html

GC-Power Station V21.1.8

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 10:37:15 EST 2021 | spoiltforchoice

If that is what you use it for, go back to the engineer/client who isn't providing you with XYR (aka "Centroid") data as part of the standard datapack and give them a slapping. The only reason you should ever need to generate this yourself is if ther

Fuji Programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 15:11:29 EST 2008 | jlawson

Gerber standard has been around for long time as a fabrication data model for PCB makers, but not very useful for assemblers as no centroid data is actually present in the data. Also netlists are no supported and have to be calcualated with software

Pick & Place File Formats

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 07:21:30 EST 2009 | jax

I would like to know more about how your software will "automatically extract" centroid. I'm assuming people who only own "Viewers" would use it to get centroid data... except how would that person digitize the aperture groupings into components? If

QUAD/TYCO 3rd Party Service

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 10:18:38 EDT 2004 | J. Dyer

We are locvated in Peru, Indiana. Generally, we have some sort of CAD Data provided but no way of collecting centroid Data if it is not in the product files. We have had to do some teaching of parts over more than 300 placements in the past. If an

MyData file format

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 12:25:59 EST 2004 | smokejumper

Mr SMT is wrong. Mydata has an open ASCII format. They include the documets with all machines. You can use any text editor to create the file. All you need is the ASCII centroid data. There are tools already written to do this but if you have some sk

Trying to step through placement XYs in a gerber viewer... help!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 19:32:12 EST 2008 | tet1

We're working on bringing more and more of our SMT programming offline and the latest things are rotations and package vs. land verification. Is there software out there that will allow me to import a XY data file (Pick and place centroid data) into

gerber conversion software

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 05 11:03:54 EDT 2006 | RLM

It's quite easy: 1. Import the gerber file into GCpowerplace. 2. Select the pads that you wish to convert into centroid's. This is usually all of the pads. 3. Select the automatic extraction button. The software recognizes certain common patterns 02

Way to port SMT program from Mydata to Panasonic?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 12:39:41 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

You will have to make new programs for the Panasonic. (afaik) But you can use the Mydata programs as centroid data for the Panapro. Load it into Excell using space as the delimiter. Copy column B onto column A. cell A1, move cells up. Sort by column

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