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MPM Momentum Grid Lock Tooling Manual Mode

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 21:33:02 EDT 2019 | pcbindex1

With the upcoming of the traditional peak season(Q3), a rising price among the mainland factories, and a continual rise in the bronze price in the London Metal Exchange in August, there is also a trend for the rise in the quotation of the PCB’s upstr

1oz Copper Sheet Specifications

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 16:39:49 EST 2008 | bandjwet

Hi All: Does anyone know how to specify or buy 1oz copper foil in a sheet format? Thanks BWET

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 26 12:25:44 EST 2010 | blnorman

You can try a 5% solution of sulfuric acid. It's used to clean copper foils to IPC-TM-650 method 2.3.15 prior to testing for purity.

2 oz Copper thickness??

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 15:18:02 EDT 2013 | davef

2 oz copper should be 2 oz per ft^2 thick. There is no relationship between thickness and copper weight due to the effect of processing. Since this is a painful way of thinking about things, ppl have reached a compromise and talk about 'nominal thick

Re: TCP (tape carrer package?)

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 17:01:36 EST 1998 | Chrys

Does anyone know what a TCP is? What type of process is required for assembly, what type of equipment? Any help or resources on the subject would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks Brain, TCP, or tape carrier package is the same as TAB

Multilayer Inner Layer Seperation

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 13:36:48 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

I recently have been examining multilayer board failures. They are the classic inner connection failure between the foil and the through hole plating which I have not seen in many years. Has any one experienced any issues recently specifically relati


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 06:58:50 EDT 2015 | migliore

Hi, I got the answer from edaboard.com A standard 6-layer stack is using 2 cores. Manufacturing steps for standard 6-layer are: 1. Etch both (double side) core substrates 2. Assemble, press and cure the complete stack: - copper foil - prepr

PWAs & PWB bake out requirements

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 18 08:40:34 EDT 2007 | davef

Here's how to double reflow your QFP: * Reflow the first side with the QFP according to plan. * Paste second side and place components according to plan. * Lightly crinkle a small, QFP-size piece of aluminum foil. [Note: the degree of crinklization

Skewed transistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 18 13:47:19 EDT 2003 | davef

Brian What did we recommend? We just gave you a link so that you can see how to get your pictures on-line, so that we can see what�s going on. Anyhow, if we understand what you saying, [We're slow today. So, please be patient.] your situation is:


Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 22 03:56:24 EDT 2003 | A.G.

Are there existing acceptability dedicated criteria for ALIVH bare boards? (Equivalent to IPC-A-600) In particular, how can we assess copper foil cracking after thermal stress?

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