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Fuji CP6 XY Table

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 20:58:31 EDT 2008 | rmitchell

Hi, Our Fuji CP6 table is rising up abruptly when it unloads a pcb after populating it. It makes a clunking noise much louder than before. I don't see anything that has changed or gets in the way as far as the table rails lining up with the exit c

CP6-4000 nozzle centering errors? PRoblem solved!

Electronics Forum | Fri May 30 15:07:16 EDT 2008 | rodrigo

Thank to all for the help. The problem was the reflective disk. They're all green now. Thanks again. I got another error but I'll start a new thread because it is not related to the disks.

Re: CP6 Servo Amp

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 23:01:37 EDT 2000 | Dean

Does Fuji America have a trade in program? I know they used to on vision cards and such. It may be worth your while to get a trade in allowance rather than none at all. The alternative, as you mentioned, is to repair it yourself. This however, w


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 10:04:06 EDT 2009 | csm

Dear all, we have an Fuji CP6-4000 we get some weeks ago, but it shows an error "Hardward NG and show some actions (Inch the axis to cancel the overtravel. Then switch the power off and restart the machine). We did but display same error. I would li

Fuji IP 2 Servo NG error?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 14:21:45 EDT 2009 | smellew

yes this would be normal as that is when the servo power is supplied for servo lock, do you have a new servo amp?

Camera Problem on CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 10:27:22 EDT 2002 | JCC

What version is your firmware?? This error can be caused bt something as simple as the background nozzle disks. Are you using the old style or the new vinyl ones?

Using Embossed CP6 Feeders for Paper

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 13:16:46 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

You can do it, but you will have a crap load of pick errors. Not really reccomended.

CP6 pickup errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 11:18:20 EST 2005 | Alex

Many parts falls around the tape cutter no mather the size or type. Also many times the machine misses some picks. But when doing a placement test with a single dummy part, 99% good.

CP6 pickup errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 15:59:34 EST 2005 | JB

So you ask a question about a problem that you are having, someone takes the time to reply to your post. And your reply is "me no dummy?" We are all using this forum to get/give help or advice. This is not a teen chatroom.

CP6 pickup errors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 23:26:27 EST 2005 | siverts

Good point [engguy], and another thing; if you are using 1.3mm nozzle on a feeder that has a shutter opening of 1.0mm = problem. You could even damage the nozzle. So the main questions remain....

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